Deep sacred Inner Connection.



You want to feel spiritually empowered & connected to your inner wisdom.

You're seeking a place of transformation. 

You're searching for a few hints about what to do next & desire to be an active participant in your healing journey.

You're open to suggestions - in fact, you've been yearning for them. 

There's something in your life, whether it be mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, that you want to improve. 

You want to shift & align:  I hear that. 

You're looking for the next step in your spiritual journey.

And you know:  Deep Within, You're a Magic Maker.


I'm here for you.

I started Drawing Within because I want to empower you to connect with your intuitive & spiritual self.

Together, we can dive into your inner world to change your outer world.

As a claircognizant Reiki master, I create sacred space. I connect to your higher energies and discover what it is you need to move towards.

I help others to heal, intuitively, with ritual and transformation.

I hold your energy, embrace it, and let it know that it is safe.

I can help you find clarity, calm, & confidence. Want to discover more about me?

Are you ready?