You're looking to tap into your sacred self.

You want a sense of accountability for a daily practice.

You're looking for a little guidance - a little variety, a deepening of practice.

108 Days of Sacred Intention is for you.

Part guidebook, part journal, part spiritual course, this illustrated book is full of 108 prompts for your daily spiritual practice.  This book is designed to not only serve as an accountability guide, but also to help you to access the deep wisdom within yourself.  From meditations to yoga postures, mantras to chakra study, this book is designed to help you create and stick to your practice. This book is designed so that you can spend as little as ten minutes a day going through the prompts, or as much time as you like.

And it's available just in time for your new year intention.

With daily prompts for spiritual practices that include mantras, meditations, mudras, yoga postures, chakra work, energetic practices, and tarot, this book guarantees that you will find variety within your spiritual practice.  For 108 days, you will expand your spiritual toolbox, and by the end of the program, you will have come to find an inner sense of clarity, peace, and knowledge.

There are three main aspects of this book that you will play with daily::

1.  First, you'll see a drawing.  These drawings were all inspired by photographs.  Over 60 of these photographs were crowd-sourced by members of my online community.  I am so honored to have such a collaborative energy held within this book!  

2.  Second, you'll see your sacred practice for the day.  You'll learn a little bit about the benefits of the practice, perhaps some history and etymology, and then read clear instructions for how to carry out the practice.  

3.  Lastly, you'll find two luscious journal pages for your reflection, insight, and experience for you to fill out after you complete the practice.

This book is perfect to keep on your altar, bedside table, or workspace to serve as a reminder of your practice.  This is the perfect gift to yourself to help kickstart your 2016 spiritual intention!

Are you ready to dive deep into new realms of your spiritual practice?

Whether you have never meditated before or have had a daily practice for years, 108 Days of Sacred Intention is here to serve as a guide and manual for deepening your sacred experience.