Intuitive Mystic + Mentor

for passionate entrepreneurs ready to create a shift within their work.

I am an intuitive mystic, spiritual teacher, and inspired graphic designer.

I support inspired entrepreneurs in strengthening their intuition and inherent gifts so that they can make decisions in their business from a connected and confident place. 

My work stems from a devotion to my training as an educator, yoga teacher, and energy worker, and a personal practice of integrating tarot,  mythology, meditation, and intuitive development into my every day spiritual exploration.  I believe that everyone is intuitive, and our inner wisdom can be uncovered through committed practice and play.

I have been integrating my own intuitive and spiritual practice within my work since becoming self-employed 7 years ago.  Listening to my intuition along the way has helped me to show up as fully aligned with my life's purpose and guided by my inner vision.

You can see my intuition expressed visually with my design work, or listen to me talk about business + intuition in the Integrated Spirit Podcast.  I also teach magic makers to uncover their inherent intuition in my Wisdom Within School of IntuitionI also teach the powerful archetypes of the Tarot in A School for the High Priestess, a training program in mystery, magic, and ritual.

Elle, I want you to know I am really enjoying this process. This is the feminine way of doing business. I loved viewing biz from this perspective. It is breath of fresh air... Just being in the creative process was magical. It makes having a business way more FUN! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Krystal Kinnunen,

Background, trainings, and points of study:

  • Teacher of Tarot, Reiki, Intuition, Mythology, Meditation, Ritual, and Ceremony 
  • Deep study of tarot, intuition, mythology, meditation, goddess study, and crystals for a decade
  • Current research + study in Classical Tantra
  • Degree in Education with a background in Education + Teaching in non-traditional settings
  • Certified Yoga Teacher + Reiki Master Teacher
  • Graphic Designer + Business Support for Spirited Entrepreneurs
  • Self-employed for 7 years 

I am known as a multi-passionate mystic
who guides entrepreneurs towards strengthening their intuition
and honoring the sacred temple space of the work that they do.

My mentorship and journey work with Elle has been a divine invitation to connect with my intuition, my life force, my very essence! She invited me to use practices towards uncovering my creativity, releasing what is no longer in alignment, and curating offerings that serve my purpose. Elle beautifully infuses the magical with the practical into ways that are useful and valuable for your unique identity. Her guidance is so nurturing as well as amazing- it takes you to the next level you dreamed of and beyond.
— Dawna Matthews, Owl Moon Priestess

Wow, what a journey! Elle, this work has already changed my business profoundly and fundamentally... and thrown me into a complete business development and re-alignment phase...what an amazing feeling!
— KT Ronshausen

Timeline ↓

  • I begin to realize I am intuitive after having a month of dreams where small details would come true. I was both intrigued and frightened at the same time, and so I prayed my intuition away nightly.
  • I have my first online service - a website that I created from scratch focused on environmental education. I add content monthly and send out newsletters.
  • I start to explore spirituality on a deep level. I explored the Catholic religion I was raised in, alongside different forms of Christianity, Paganism and general spirituality. I read the bible alongside books on herbs, healing, and chakras.
  • I take my first yoga class in college and fall in love with the union of breath and movement. This prompts me to begin a dedicated practice.
  • I begin to focus on developing spiritually on my own terms, and dedicate myself to reclaiming my intuition.
  • I move out on my own and my spiritual practice deepens. I purchase my first Tarot deck and commit to working with the cards daily. I devote myself to a daily meditation and mantra practice. I continue to explore my intuition daily, and begin to form a soul-level connection with the Goddess Saraswati.
  • I receive my Reiki Level 1 Certification and begin to integrate energy work into my daily practice. I learn to experiment with the techniques that I have learned in an intuitive way.
  • I venture into being self-employed, working as a teacher and mentor. I start to see how I can weave intuition into my work. My favorite topics to teach about and explore with my students are mythology and art.
  • I receive my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in addition to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. I start to see how intuition lends itself so beautifully to teaching yoga. My workshops and classes focus on weaving the 8 liimbs of yoga, Goddesses, and mythology into practice.
  • Drawing Within launches. I integrate intuition and spirituality into how I run my business and begin teaching courses on Reiki and Tarot, in addition to serving as a spiritual mentor.
  • I begin my work with entrepreneurs combining my background in design with my intuition and spirituality. In this way, I am able to support the vision of entrepreneurs in the backend of their business.
  • I launch the Wisdom Within School of Intuition, which is designed to help women find a place of deep connection and trust with their intuitive centers.
  • I begin to study Classical Tantra, which deepens my studies of meditation and yogic philosophy. A School for the High Priestess launches, where I guide women to a deep understanding of the archetypes of the Tarot through working with ritual, Goddesses, and deep inquiry.
Working with Elle North has been my best decision both for myself as a Spiritual being, artist, and solo-preneur. She is dedicated to helping as best as she can, and will always listen to me with a degree of love that I did not think was possible. I am now more aware of the being I am, of the possibilities ahead of me, and am equipped with new tools and a new way of seeing my sacred Self.
— Nolwenn Petitbois,

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