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Equinox Tarot Readings for your Sign

I am so so so ready for autumn! I was on a call with a client yesterday and I was telling her that I feel most at home in the cloudy, cool, drizzly autumn weather that has finally made its way to the Pacific Northwest. 

I notice within myself that it is hard to ground into my work under the heat of summer, and that the teacher in me gets really inspired and activated by the essence of the "new beginning" of September.

I am definitely in my happy place right now!

With the presence of yesterday's New Moon in Virgo and today's equinox, I felt called to dive into sharing with you a tarot reading for your sun sign. I so love combining my love for the Tarot with my curiosity and intrigue of astrology in this way.

While I have written these readings with entrepreneurs in mind, I invite you to explore what card came up for your sign even if you do not own your own business.

You may also wish to explore the card that came up for your rising sign or your moon sign as well. You'll see what card came up for you below.

Before you scroll down, I wanted to remind you that registration for Unlock the Arcana of your Business closes this Monday. 

This 10-week journey is designed to guide you in an intuitive exploration of your business, inspired by the archetypes of the Tarot + mythology. In this way, you can allow your own wisdom to guide you forward into a place of expansion in preparation for the magic that you are envisioning for 2018.

Now is the time to make the shift - to dive deep into business development AND spiritual development at the same time - and see how the two go hand-in-hand. 


Aries - The Star:: The Star speaks of new beginnings (perfect for equinox!) and embodies a sense of hope - especially after a moment of upheaval or uncertainty. The Star asks you to examine your work and notice what is no longer serving you - what may be old stories or services that don't honor your own inner growth and expansion. What needs to be released in this moment?

Taurus - Temperance:: Temperance asks you to explore how you can invite a sense of flow and balance into your work. Do you notice that in this moment, you are totally immersed in a place of ease or effort? See if you can balance the scales and align yourself with a place of equanimity within your work and energies.  

Gemini - Four of Cups:: Fellow Gemini, the Four of Cups asks you to carve out the time to pause and reflect upon what has been coming up for you on an emotional level, and to dive into the realm of your intuitive knowing. As you explore your inherent wisdom, you may see a new opportunity make itself known to you that was not in your awareness previously.

Cancer - Page of Pentacles:: This card echoes the energy of new beginnings that is inherently present under the new moon and new season. The suit of Pentacles reminds us to ground into our work - both through the element of earth and through the element of spirit. Can you invoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and eagerness to explore within the work that you are doing in this moment?

Leo - 5 of Swords:: The 5's within the Tarot speak of human struggle - and this card focuses specifically on how we may feel weighed down and burdened by our own limiting beliefs, anxieties, and how we may not be speaking our full truth. You may wish to work with mantra (or sing a personal power song!) to help clear the throat + mind space so that you can step into a place of grounded confidence.

Virgo - The King of Pentacles:: Dear Virgo, this card reminds you that when you approach your work from a grounded and inspired place, you can best hold an energetic container for your community and show up in aligned service for those who you work with. Examine how you are showing up as a leader and witness how your services support your clients - focus on the way that you are creating positive change with your work.

Libra - The Ten of Wands:: As someone who is always seeking balance dear Libra, this card suggests that your scales may be over burdened with overwhelm or struggle. As a sign that is naturally attracted to love and passion, which the suit of Wands also embodies, see if you can release some of the burden you are feeling by re-aligning yourself with what lights you up within your realm of work. Can you invite in a sense of play, joy, and inspiration into your work? This may help to lighten the situation.

Scorpio - Strength:: This card asks you: How can you showcase your personal strengths to others? How can you honor not only your outer (and maybe muscle-y) strengths, but also your quiet and gentle strengths as well? Allow both aspects of your unique self to shine forward. Also, witness how you can harness your skills to show up in support of others, who may need your balanced strength to support them in what they are navigating through in this moment.

Sagittarius - The Knight of Wands:: You may find yourself going full speed ahead as your passion for a project propels you forward with inspired energy on your path. The Knight of Wands is showing up in service for his community from a place of inspired action and with an essence of being eager to embark on an adventure. Allow your inner mission to serve as a compass, directing you forward towards your true north, and you will not be led astray on your quest.

Capricorn - Four of Wands:: This card speaks of entering a new portal - one of stability, celebration, and opportunity. Can you witness and honor the threshold that you are stepping through in this moment, and celebrate where you are on this journey? Honor the shifts and expansions that you have cultivated within your life and ground yourself in the experience of the joy of this moment.

Aquarius - The Wheel of Fortune:: A card that speaks of shifts and change, the Wheel of Fortune suggests that you are at a turning point within your work. Witness what you have control over and where you can take hold of the reigns, and give yourself time to adapt and adjust to any new situations that are unfolding for you. This card asks you to stay devoted and committed to your path. 

Pisces - Two of Swords:: This is a call to remember and honor your own inner vision and strength. The Two of Swords asks you to go within, seek out the wisdom that you already carry within yourself - your intuitive knowing - and to use that as a source of direction and action within your work. When challenges arise for you on your path, allow your inner vision and wisdom to carry you through - and your determination and focus will slash through any obstacles that come forward.

Sending you New Moon + Equinox Blessings, dear one.

xo, Elle

PS - Curious about Unlock the Arcana of your Business? Click here to discover more. Registration closes on Monday.

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What is the difference between the Major + Minor Arcana in the Tarot?

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.08.11 pm.png

Diving into the Tarot can definitely be a bit daunting if you are just starting to explore this mystical sacred tool.

I feel like a part of that may be because of some of the vocabulary that is used to classify and categorise the 78 cards that you'll find your Tarot deck.

Today I'm going to explore some of those words with you so that you can begin your Tarot journey from a place that is grounded in clarity.

Major Arcana + Minor Arcana
One of the questions I get asked often about the Tarot is "What is the difference between the Major and Minor Arcana?"

Here's how I see it:
The Major Arcana is a journey that begins with The Fool (card 0) and ends with The World (card 21)...and then is said to begin again, as though you were turning another arch of a spiral.  The cards of the Major Arcana connect to each other and build upon each other - but at the same time, each card can stand alone in an archetypal way.

The cards of the Major Arcana aren't titled by their number (unlike the Minor Arcana, where you will find, for example, the 3 of Pentacles) and the titles are usually words that evoke an image and energy within you, even if you have never studied the Tarot before.  For example, you're probably familiar with words like "Emperor" "Star" "Tower" and "High Priestess" - all of which are cards within the Major Arcana.

I see the Major Arcana as being liked a zoomed out picture, with cosmic layers of symbolism and meaning, whereas the Minor Arcana is a bit more zoomed in, specific, and grounded within your day to day life.  It is for this reason that I connect the Major Arcana to the element of spirit/ether/the cosmos.

The Suits
The Minor Arcana is a group of cards that is actually split up into another Tarot Vocabulary Word - Suits.  

The 4 suits of the Tarot are the Wands, the Cups, the Swords, and the Pentacles.  

The cards within the Minor Arcana are a little bit more difficult than the Major Arcana to grasp just by hearing their name - for example, "the 5 of Cups" may seem a little bit unclear.  One thing that I share with those who are just starting out with the Tarot is to feel into the elemental connection of each suit.

You may see variations of this, but within my personal practice, I connect:
The Pentacles with Earth
The Swords with Air
The Wands with Fire
The Cups with Water

From that place, you can feel into the qualities of each element.  For example, to me a lot of the Wands cards are quite fiery - they are full of spark, passion, illumination, and heated activation.

Within this set up, you can say that the Pentacles and Cups are "yin" suits, meaning they are more introspective, and the Wands and Swords are more "yang" suits, meaning they are more action-oriented.

I also recommend allowing your intuition to unfold a story within the imagery of each card within your deck to bring forth the wisdom that each card holds.

The Court Cards
The Court Cards are another categorisation within the Minor Arcana.  In each of the four suits, the Court Cards are the Page, the Knight, the Queen, and the King of that suit.  For example, the Queen of Pentacles is a court card within the suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.  That's a lot of Tarot Vocabulary words within one sentence!

Root In:
My loves, I am so excited to share that I have created a *FREE* 10-day journey through the suit of Pentacles designed specifically for entrepreneurs.  We begin tomorrow!  

The suit of Pentacles shows us that our work is not separate from our spiritual experience; but instead, it is an integral part of it.

The suit of Pentacles can illuminate for us:

  • the importance of being grounded
  • the nourishing quality of the element of earth
  • the essence of the sacred within the mundane
  • our own inherent value + the value of the work that we do
  • insight around our work, career, and the way we show up in service
  • an expansion of our idea of abundance

    In this 10-day series, you will receive:

  • Daily videos, each exploring a specific card within the suit of Pentacles 
  • A reflection question so that you can dive into communion with each card and weave the wisdom you receive into your business
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New Moon Tarot Reading for your Sign

The energy is potent right now - can you feel it? 

With the presence of yesterday's New Moon in Leo, I felt called to dive into sharing with you a tarot reading for your sun sign. I so love combining my love for the Tarot with my curiosity and intrigue of astrology in this way.

While I have written these readings with entrepreneurs in mind, I invite you to explore what card came up for your sign even if you do not own your own business.

You may also wish to explore the card that came up for your rising sign or your moon sign as well. You'll see what card came up for you below.

Before you scroll down, I wanted to remind you that registration for Align your Business closes this Thursday. 

This virtual workshop is designed to guide you in an intuitive exploration of your business. In this way, you can allow your own wisdom to guide you forward on your next steps for whatever you're planning for the remainder of 2017.

It's time to carve out space to connect with your business in a sacred container so that you may gain clarity, find flow, and show devotion to your work.

Register here


Aries - Three of Wands:: This is a time when you are connected to your inner spark and passions, dear Aries, as both the suit of Wands and the sign of Leo correspond to the element of fire. Channel your passions and what lights you up into a new creation, offering, or series...or allow your inner light to be felt by others through tweaking your website copy or sharing this piece of you in a Facebook post. You may also wish to reflect upon your past achievements and see how these can inspire what is to come next on your journey.

Taurus - Queen of Swords:: During this new moon cycle, the Queen of Swords asks you to release yourself from any past stories that no longer serve you - but also to remember the wisdom that you have gained from your past experiences. It's time to be sovereign within your work - it's time to trust your inner wisdom and to use your voice with confidence and strength. You may wish to be inspired by myths with warrior goddesses, such as Athena, Durga, or Freya, to harness your inner strength and determination within your work.

Gemini - Page of Pentacles:: Fellow Gemini, the Page of Pentacles asks you to approach both grounding practices and your own definition of abundance with a sense of curiosity and wonder. How can you connect to a new grounding practice this lunar cycle to help you to feel fully present within your community and your work? What new definitions of abundance can you invite into your consciousness? I invite you to feel into bringing the sacred into anything that may feel "mundane" in your business - from looking at your financial spread sheet to creating PDFs for a course - how can you infuse your work with ritual and magic?

Cancer - Three of Pentacles:: This is a time to show up as both teacher and student. You may wish to explore areas of professional development within your work, where either you learn a totally new skill or add a new level of experience to a skill that you work with daily. This card is also a call to step into the role of leader within your work. This may be a lovely time to create a how-to series for your blog or newsletter, or to share a few tips on a topic on a Facebook live. This card also points to collaboration - is there someone you can work together with in a new offering where your two unique approaches will combine to form a beautiful alchemy that will really serve both of your communities?

Leo - Ace of Cups:: The Ace of Cups speaks to you of new creative opportunities within your work, dear Leo. This is the perfect time to think outside the box and come up with totally new ways of doing things. That may mean that you dive into creation mode with a new offering, re-design your website, or take a week long sabbatical to explore a new art form (it is your birthday month after all!). Ace of Cups also points to a positive new emotional chapter of healing within your heart space. You may wish to explore the story of Mary Magdalene (especially as her connection with the holy grail mirrors the chalice within the Ace of Cups) and see if there is wisdom there for you. Her feast day was this past Saturday, so you will find an abundance of articles around her that were written recently.

Virgo - The Devil:: Dear Virgo, this card is a call to look at the energy behind your desires and goals. Explore if you can reconnect to your passions within your work and your love of supporting others within the work that you do. When you are successful within your work, look at how your success can in turn help others. Does that mean that you are able to donate a portion of your income to a charity, offer a partial scholarship to a client, or invest in your self or your business in some way? Can you also look at how your desires can guide you forward towards spiritual expansion - and also towards what needs to shift within how you are running your business to create a sense of amplified happiness within your work?

Libra - The Ten of Pentacles:: The 10 of Pentacles is a call to witness the magic around you. What can you celebrate about your work so far this year? What accomplishments have come forward for you? What action steps have you taken? What have you learned about yourself, your passion, and your clients? Take time reflect around these moments and also to look forward and vision around what accomplishments you would like to see unfold within the remaining months of 2017. Amongst the work, can you create space for yourself, and also for spending quality time with friends and family? Allow yourself to celebrate with self care, and to share your victories with those who are close to you.

Scorpio - The Emperor:: This card asks you: How can you best serve your community in this moment? What does your audience need most? This may be a great time to send out a 3-5 question survey to ask your clients what you can create for them, so that you can offer them the best support possible in the coming months. This is also a wonderful time to look at your own boundaries and notice where you may need a bit of extra fortification and stability. Remember - when you have solid boundaries in place, you can fully show up in service of your audience and also fully show up in service of yourself. 

Sagittarius - Six of Cups:: The Six invokes an energy of childlike play and curiosity.  How can you invite more play and fun into your work day? Maybe you create a playlist that makes you want to dance and play it while you respond to emails, singing and dancing along to the tunes. Perhaps you take a break in the middle of your day to play in the park. In addition, this card points to finding a balance of giving and receiving within your work. Where can you create the space to receive? Perhaps you ask a few clients for testimonials to place on your website, or to take photos of products they have purchased from you to use on social media. Also, create the time for yourself to receive - this is a good excuse to schedule an acupuncture appointment or head to your favorite yoga class this week.

Capricorn - Nine of Cups:: This card reminds you to nourish yourself and to celebrate. On a practical level, it reminds me of the importance of carving out time to actually take a lunch break and to savour each bite of our mid-day meal. On a symbolic level, this card is filled with an essence of contentment and satisfaction - of being in a place where everything feels in place and in alignment. If you're not feeling like that is your reality in this moment, what can you shift in order to get to that place?  The Cups remind us of the importance of reflection and our emotions when looking to solve a problem - perhaps look there first when exploring how to feel the presence of accomplishment within your current situation.

Aquarius - The Moon:: Such a perfect card on this New Moon, dear Aquarius! The Moon asks you to do two things during this cycle. First, trust your intuition. Carve out time to meditate, journal, and to tune into the knowings of your heart space. Allow your intuition to lead you forward within your work. Second, this card reminds you to do what needs doing to release any fears or anxieties that may rise up for you. What shadow work can you explore this lunar cycle in order to clear out any emotions or thoughts that do not serve you? Can you allow this moon to be a portal of transformation?

Pisces - The Hermit:: It's time to find a balance between shining your light and retreating into the mystic's cave, dear Pisces! Take some time to feel into which end of the spectrum you are embodying within your work in this moment - are you hiding, or are you putting yourself out there so much that it's getting exhausting? From this place, give yourself a moment to find that place of balance. Allow yourself to shine, and allow yourself to rest. Know that you can create the space for both within your work. Also, allow yourself to nourish the mystic within you this lunar cycle. Meditate, practice breath work, connect with nature - do what ever reminds you of the presence of the divine within your life and your work.

Sending you New Moon Blessings, dear one.

xo, Elle

PS - Curious about Align your Business? Click here to discover more. Registration closes on Thursday.

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I used to think this about intuition too...

I've been thinking about something a lot lately...

Within the Wisdom Within School of Intuition, we about to close out our month exploring clairvoyance and our sense of intuitive visioning.  

It's been so amazing to see all that has unfolded for these women within our first two months together! From ah-ha moments to a deep remembering of their inherent intuitive abilities, so much insight has come forth. It's beautiful to witness and serve as a guide through this process.

One thing that has been standing out to me is the wisdom that women are receiving around what an intuitive nudge can look like...and what kind of intuitive wisdom is actually most valuable and potent for them.

You see...I think that when we are first beginning our intuitive work, we may think that intuition is only valuable and valid if it's successfully predicting the future.

I fully admit this used to be my perception as well.

And I also know that sometimes, when speaking about past intuitive moments to my community, that those future-predicting intuitive moments may be the ones that I focus on.

But here's what rings true for me: the intuitive wisdom I receive that is actually insight around my current situations are definitely intuitive...and they are also the most informative and useful to me.

That isn't to say that having a premonition about a friend calling you moments before she does, or having a dream about getting a promotion the morning before your boss surprises you with a new role isn't valuable information - it absolutely is! 

But for me, intuition makes itself known daily + most often to help me make decisions and gain insight within the here and now.

For me just this week within my business, that looks like:

+ Pulling some cards from The Wild Unknown's Animal Spirit deck for my first design project with a new client to inspire me in the creation process

+ Sitting in front of my altar space and intuitively receiving information about the logistics of a meditation that I'll be including in an upcoming program

+ Journaling around a dream I had and reflecting upon the symbols and messages this dream showed me within the way that I am showing up in my community

+ Feeling my energetic body with Reiki and receiving the visual and logistical components of a totally new program

+ Asking my intuition to guide me through channeling and stream of consciousness writing

+ Allowing my intuition to take over so that I can best serve women within 1:1 sessions and sharing insight that creates an energetic shift within their perception or helps them to find inspired action within their business

When I fully showed up in devotion to my intuitive wisdom 10 years ago, recognizing that intuition wasn't 100% about predicting the future was a huge catalyst for me towards gaining confidence within fully trusting myself and not second guessing whether something was intuitive or not.  

Once I expanded and deepened my definition of what intuition was, things really began to fall into place for me as I gained so much insight and clarity around my spirit, body, emotions, and thought processes. I was able to make connections to heal past wounds and also know when to take action to help create a shift in my future.  

In this way, you can really see how being connected to your intuition can help you to fully show up within your personal practice and the work that you do.  Your inner wisdom is the key to finding ease, clarity, and confidence in your every-day decision making.  

What would be different for you if you fully trusted your intuition, without second guessing yourself? 

Take a moment to feel into that and vision...and then click reply to let me know what came up for you.


PS - Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to work with me 1:1 in strengthening your intuition and inherent gifts so that you can make decisions in your business from a connected and confident place? I have some spaces available within my Intuitive Mentoring Program and would love to connect with you in a visioning call. Learn more here.

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Emerging from my Mystic's Cave (and a chance to win a 30-minute LIVE Tarot Reading with me)

I know that I've been quiet for a couple of weeks...

Behind the scenes, so much growth and expansion has been unfolding for me...and I am so excited to share all that has been rising up as I emerge from a bit of a cocooning in my mystic's cave and adjust to the warm sunlight.


I am working on creating luscious new content and offerings for you, my spirited soul seekers. These past few weeks have given me such insight as to the new types of offerings I'd like to share with you.

Would you be so kind as to share a little bit of insight with me by filling out the survey below?




I will choose one mystical being who completes this survey before Sunday May 21st at 11:59 pm PST to win a free 30 minute Tarot Mentoring Call with me.

Take the survey here

So back to my story...

In my own journey...I feel like I have been on a quest within my own mystic's cave for the past couple of weeks...and now that I have emerged and am readjusting to the light...I am able to look back and see...

What was that all about?

This journey became most potent for me on Earth Day about 4 weeks ago.  I went for a walk on a path of Sequoias and Redwoods here in town to be in one of my sacred places for Earth Day.

As I was enjoying the energy of these majestic trees...a small branch hit me on the crown of my head...and gave me a concussion.

This feels like it was a 1 in a million chance to be in the path of this branch in this capacity...

But at the same time, I feel so fortunate that this small branch wasn't any larger.  

I see this as Mother Earth giving me a message through my Crown Chakra - a message to turn within for many days without a single distraction so that I may heal fully from my concussion...and spend time integrating and reflecting upon some cosmic inner shifts that have been coming forth for me.

To be honest - this was definitely frustrating!  When you have a concussion, you need to avoid reading, looking at screens, watching movies, or even going for a walk.  I spent day after day sitting on my couch, unable to do anything but reflect and look outside my window.

This gave me an abundance of time to explore the work that I do and the way that I show up as a Mystic Intuitive Leader here in this sacred space.

What's even more fascinating about the timing of this week-long incubation period was that 10 days after my branch incident, I headed to the East Coast to sit in circle with a group of women in retreat as we focused on the goals and visions that we have for our businesses in 2017.

During my trip, I also worked intensively with my Online Business Manager...and then spent 3 days re-connecting with my best friend.

Holy wow, right?

As you can imagine, so much happened for me these past few weeks...which caused such deep reflection and introspection.

In this time...I was able to see, celebrate, recognize, and remember...just how much I have grown and expanded within my work over the past year....

...and what that means for me in how I desire to show up from this expanded place.


This has prompted me to put into action some deep desires that I have had on account of these expansions that have been happening for me this year...especially now that I have had time to fully integrate and stand reverent in all that has shifted for me. on the look out for some new offerings and discussions here on Drawing Within, such as:

+ A weekly Podcast
+ LIVE In-person workshops and trainings
+ An exploration of what Leadership looks like for me as an Intuitive Mystic
+ Sharing how I connect with my Intuition and Spiritual Practice within my business

I am so excited to share these new offerings and topics with you as we dive into the summer months.

Also...I wanted to share with you that I currently have two spots opening up for my Spiritual Mentoring Program before my rates increase on June 1st.  If you feel called to join me in a 6 month personalised journey, let's connect.  Learn more about this program here.

Thank you so much for being here, for your presence...and for taking the time to share in this experience with me.  It means the world to me.

With love,
xo Elle

Would you be so kind as to share a little bit of insight with me by filling out the survey below?




I will choose one mystical being who completes this survey before Sunday May 21st at 11:59 pm PST to win a free 30 minute Tarot Mentoring Call with me.

Take the survey here

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