You're a very scent-oriented person - you may love perfumes or essential oils, or you can easily recognize a flower or food by its scent alone. As someone with clairalience, you receive intuitive nudges through your sense of smell.  When you play with your intuition, certain smells may come to you as a 'yes,' while other smells may come to you as a 'no.'  You may also receive a smell when you are being warned of danger.  As an example - when I was younger and home alone, I tried to make popcorn on the stove and something went wrong and I filled the whole house with dark black smoke.  It happened really quickly, and I ran across the street to my neighbor who helped me open the windows and clear things up.  A few minutes later, my mom called from a payphone worried because she smelled smoke - from two towns over - and wanted to make sure I was okay.

You can further nurture your clairalience by setting up a daily meditation practice.  Checking in with your sense of smell throughout the day can serve as a fantastic guidepost, too.

You may connect with the totem animal of Wolf or fox (who have an amazing sense of smell), and you may also enjoy working with Tourmaline, which is known to help with one's sense of smell.

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