You're a very emotional person - and you know that is a positive thing that can totally benefit you. As someone with clairsentience you're really drawn to feeling things out and listening to what your heart has to say before you make a decision.  Your intuition  may speak to you in terms of gut feelings, or perhaps you just feel a certain way emotionally.  You are probably an empath, and can easy sense the feelings of others.  You probably know when someone is feeling sad, even if they do not show it.  You may be able to use your feelings to help guide you forward on your journey.

You can further nurture your clairsentience by setting up a daily meditation practice when you scan your emotional energy and sense what you are feeling.  Checking in with your emotions throughout the day can serve as a fantastic guidepost, too.

You may connect with the totem animal of Penguin (who feels things on a deep spiritual level), and you may also enjoy working with Rose Quartz to help nurture clarity around your emotions.

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