The Year Ahead::Mega Reading {{Personal or Business}}


The Year Ahead::Mega Reading {{Personal or Business}}



You have questions -- and tarot can help bring perspective into your unique situation.

Maybe you are looking for a way to move forward.  You're looking for a solution to living your dreams -- in any area of life. 

Tarot is a tool for soul searchers and seekers.

On the surface? It’s about shuffling the deck, picking cards, and giving you an interpretation of the card.

But really? It’s about shifting your perspective, giving you the motivation and steps you need to move forward (or to sit tight and wait for a better opportunity).  I connect to you, energetically, and use my intuition to let the cards speak to me.  & I tell you every word.

Let me help you get crystal-clear about what is going on for you.  I can give you the nudge you need to shift, to make a change, to get where you want to be.

& rest assured:  I will be honest with you.  I don't mess with the cards to give you the answer I think you'll want.

“Your answers gave me new nudges and insights and that’s fun. I wasn’t being told what to do so much as I was being gently turned in a direction. My compass was getting the slightest recalibration. It feels co-creative, that way, somehow. There is something quieting about this kind of experience. It’s an invitation inward. It’s a pause. I always mean to give myself that kind of time but, realistically, I don’t… so having a concrete reason, having a reading to sit with… it was permission. It was a sort of forced creation of space. A great gift!”

— Carrie Klassen, Webdesigner and Kind Business Maven at

So, let me know...what are your dreams and goals for the new year?  What knowledge are you yearning to dive deep into?  What changes are you ready to make, now? 

When I complete the reading, you will get::

  • a photograph of the reading
  • a card drawn for you personally, 2 cards drawn for each month of 2016, and a card to be your signifier card for the new year - with detailed descriptions for each
  •  answers, suggestions, & intuition for the questions you asked
  • all bundled into a 20+ page .pdf file for you to look at whenever you please.
  • BONUS 1:  Receive a 30 minute call both before AND after your reading.  Your first call will tell me more about your current situation, and your last call will help you to integrate your reading and answer any lingering questions.
  • BONUS 2:  Receive a customised meditation created just for you, based on what comes forth in your reading.
“Working with Elle is very pleasant, she is a sensitive soul and sets up a protected and secure space for her tarot readings, she is present and thoughtful and helped me see the situation from a whole new angle.
I resonated with the cards she has drawn for me and her new perspective of looking at them really helped me to focus on where I want to go and gain clarity about the situation.”

— Eos, Artist and Webdesigner

So, let's do this. 

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