Intuitive Mystic + Mentor

for passionate entrepreneurs ready to create a shift within their work.

I am an intuitive mystic, spiritual teacher, and inspired graphic designer.

I support inspired entrepreneurs in strengthening their intuition and inherent gifts so that they can make decisions in their business from a connected and confident place. 

My work stems from a devotion to my training as an educator, yoga teacher, and energy worker, and a personal practice of integrating tarot,  mythology, meditation, and intuitive development into my every day spiritual exploration. 

I am currently in deep communion with my lineage and ancestors, and am reconnecting with spiritual practices of my bloodline.

You can see my intuition expressed visually with my design work, or listen to me talk about business + intuition in the Integrated Spirit Podcast


I have a special interest in working with entrepreneurs who understand the connection between their personal spiritual practice and global causes such as social justice, environmental awareness, and gender equality. I am most attracted to working with entrepreneurs who are interested in engaging in conversation around this with me.

I am known as a multi-passionate mystic
who guides entrepreneurs towards strengthening their intuition
and honoring the sacred  space of the work that they do.

My mentorship and journey work with Elle has been a divine invitation to connect with my intuition, my life force, my very essence! She invited me to use practices towards uncovering my creativity, releasing what is no longer in alignment, and curating offerings that serve my purpose. Elle beautifully infuses the magical with the practical into ways that are useful and valuable for your unique identity. Her guidance is so nurturing as well as amazing- it takes you to the next level you dreamed of and beyond.
— Dawna Matthews, Owl Moon Priestess

Working with Elle North has been my best decision both for myself as a Spiritual being, artist, and solo-preneur. She is dedicated to helping as best as she can, and will always listen to me with a degree of love that I did not think was possible. I am now more aware of the being I am, of the possibilities ahead of me, and am equipped with new tools and a new way of seeing my sacred Self.
— Nolwenn Petitbois,
Wow, what a journey! Elle, this work has already changed my business profoundly and fundamentally... and thrown me into a complete business development and re-alignment phase...what an amazing feeling!
— KT Ronshausen