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ALIGNED:  A Full-length Crystal Meditation Album

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Admit it:

You're a crystal hoarder.  You just can't get enough.

or maybe

You're new to the energy of crystals and are just starting to feel connected to their vibrant essence.

& you're looking for a way to dive deeper into the energies of these magical stones.

Imagine experiencing the energetic radiance of crystals - even if you don't have a single one on your altar.

Aligned is a unique meditation album that guides you through tapping into the energies of 7 different crystals, one for each chakra.

Because you're connecting to the energy of each crystal, you can do these meditations without owning a single stone.  

Sound magical? 

I thought so too the first time I experienced connecting to a crystal's energy without having it there with me.

I was working with a Reiki client, a girl of about 10 years old.  I started to work on her root chakra, when all of a sudden, I *knew* I needed to send her the energies of ruby.  I did not even own that stone...but I was able to tap into its energy and send all that ruby encompasses to the girl.  While I was doing that work, she said to me "ooh, what are you doing there?  That makes my back feel amazing!"

And I knew it was working.

In this meditation album, I guide you through this process of connecting to the crystals and absorbing their healing properties.

What's more:  Each meditation resonates with a different chakra.  The music for each meditation was created with its coordinating chakra in mind.

That means:  Not only will you feel into the essence of each crystal, but you will also align your chakras along the way.

Aligned is so beautiful, it’s a breath of fresh air. When I feel chaotic or our of sync with myself these meditations help to bring me back to my center and align my chakras in a simple and peaceful way. Thank you Elle for this lovely offering!
— Sue

Here's the track listing:
1.  Root Ruby
2.  Sacral Carnelian
3.  Solar Citrine
4.  Heart Rose Quartz
5.  Throat Kyanite
6.  Third Eye Amethyst
7.  Crown Selenite
The total album time is one hour, and is completely digital.

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What people are saying about ALIGNED:

I’m addicted to ALIGNED in a very, very good way! For the first time, I felt my Root Chakra spinning and I feel so much wonderful inner and outer energy around myself.

It grounds me every time I do the meditations. and I’m attracting ABUNDANCE because the meditations make me feel positive and in absolute peace for more than 1 hour. Thank you Elle. You remind me of a quote: “when the pupil is ready the master appears.” And so it is.
— Ana
Aligned is enlightening and precious experience for me.

Elle’s choice of sound is transformative; it’s soothing and unique throughout. I felt it matched the varying depths of my conscious journey inwards and her guidance creates a blissful blend, as all the crystal qualities she describes resonated deep with each chakra location & meaning, putting me right in the moment.

Each track running for over 12 minutes I found perfect to unblock flow, providing enough time to for things to surface, give recognition & respect to and allow them to dissipate freely from my energy field was a blessing.

I treasure Aligned for helping me nourish my sacred space and feeling glorious awareness of my capabilities for expansion, release & balance throughout
— Teresa
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