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What the Tarot has to say about the month of October

Happy October!  I am in love with this month.  Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're starting to pull out our wool socks and fleece hoodies, and I've been day dreaming about soup.  Over the weekend we had a little last fling with summer's warmth, but today it is overcast and cozy.  October has definitely arrived.

To greet this month that is full of color, change and shift - for those both north and south of the equator - I brought a simple question to the Tarot:

Tell me three things we need to keep in mind this month.

Here's what she had to say:

Card 1:  The Hermit

The Hermit reminds me of the urges I've been having to pull up my hood on my warm and cozy hoodie and pull away from the world a little bit. 

This card is a call for us to draw within.  To dive into our souls a little bit deeper than we have been.  Let October be a month of mini spiritual quests.  Meditate.  Practice restorative yoga.  Hang out with a crystal or two while you gaze into the gorgeous swirls of incense smoke.  Dab a bit of sandalwood essential oil  or my Mindful Meditation Crystal Essence Blend on your temples.  Take some time to retreat, to find pause and ease amongst all of the busyness that life brings to us.  Listen to your inner guidance, your inner shaman, and let her guide you towards a deeper understanding of self.

Card 2:  Mother of Wands

This card is all about feminine fire and passion.  The Mother of Wands is warm, sensual, sexual, creative, vibrant, and totally comfortable with her self. 

I see the Mother of Wands as a gentle reminder to be fully confident in ourselves.  Another call to get to know yourself, except this time we're combining the spiritual nature of the Hermit with the sexual and sensual nature of the Mother of Wands.  She asks:  What can you do to be radiant in your own skin?  What layers of self-doubt might you need to shed?  What does the word "intimate" mean to you and how can you incorporate that into your daily life?  Can you find more intimacy not only with other people, but also with yourself? 

This card is also a call to find time to be creative.  Draw a mandala on crayons and construction paper. Make it fun.  Pull out your watercolors that have been buried under a bunch of random papers in a drawer and get them wet.  Release expectations and embrace the process.  Let the act be what is important, not the final outcome.

Card 3: Daughter of Cups

This little duckling is a messenger of new creative endeavors and positive emotions.  Her mantra is "I am connected to my intuitive self."

I see this card as combining the Mother of Wands and The Hermit, in a way.  Like the Mother of Wands, the Daughter of Cups is all about creativity and positivity.  Like The Hermit, she speaks of finding one's psychic nature and the power of synchronicity. 

Be aware daily this month of any new creative projects that may come forth to you.  Honor your creative and intuitive nature.  Take time to tune into both of these aspects of yourself daily.  I would recommend taking time to daydream to combine both of these parts of yourself.  Daydream about what you'd like to manifest this month.  There's magic in active visualization.

The Cups are an emotional suit, so tune in to any emotional responses that come up in both difficult and pleasurable situations this month.  Remember that you have 100% control over your emotions. 

Overarching Theme:

When I look at these cards, the message is clear:  Take time to draw within.  Honor your intuition and creativity and take time for you.  Know that it's okay to pull back a little bit from the every day hustle and bustle to just breathe and find stillness.  Find time to not only meditate, but also to explore your creativity.  Daydreaming is a way to manifest magic. Above all, believe in yourself.  Have confidence in all that you are.  You are a unique being with many gifts.  Remember that. 

xo, Elle

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