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The Five Bodies of Yoga: Everything is related {Tarot Intensive Sneak Peek}

 photo by Claire Houston

photo by Claire Houston

When you start to study yoga, you quickly come to realize:  everything is interconnected.  We are all energy.

I vividly remember when I first learned about the five bodies of yoga as outlined in the Yoga Vedanta.  It was as though a light bulb went off in my mind.

From that day forward, everything made sense.

Let me explain:  the five bodies or koshas of yoga are: (Click here to hear me say this to you in the meditation)

1.  Annamaya Kosha:  This is our physical body.  Annamaya literally means "food sheath."  This is why yoga emphasizes that we eat a healthy and pure diet.  What we eat, becomes us.

2.  Pranamaya Kosha:  In Sanskrit, "prana" means "vital life force energy."  This is our energetic body.  We can nourish this body with pranayama, breathing exercises that are one of the eight limbs of yoga.

3.  Manomaya Kosha: This is our emotional body.  This body ties in with the above two bodies.  In other words, our emotions affect our energy and our physical  body.  We have the power to shift our emotions, and thus we have the power to shift our energy and health.

4.  Vijnanamaya Kosha:  Our intellectual body.  This is our thoughts and ideas.  As above, our thoughts can affect our emotions, energy, and physical body.  Through meditation, we can train our mind towards health.

5.  Anandamaya Kosha:  In Sanskrit, "ananda" means "bliss."  This is our bliss body.  Here, we are going beyond the tangible body and moving towards the spiritual.  When we nourish this body, we are nourishing the above four bodies as well. 

Would you like to explore these bodies with me?  Click here to download a Five Bodies Meditation.

I know it may seem like common knowledge that our thoughts and emotions have a strong affect on the health of our body and energy.  Or that if we nourish our spirit, the other aspects of us will flourish.  But when I first read this as outlined in the Yoga Vedanta, it opened up a new way of thinking for me.  It inspired me to get my Reiki II and Master/Teacher certification, because I understood the power of energy.  It was a huge moment for me.

This is my experience.  This is my practice.  This is my teaching.

That is why I have designed the first in my series of Tarot Intensives around the way that tarot and yoga intertwine to show us the way towards our divine natures.  The Major Arcana & The 8-Limbed Path begins on November 17th and runs for 4 weeks.

The Last day to register for this course is this Monday.

Are you ready to dive in?  Click here to register.

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