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Ritual: Vision Boards

A vision board is something you create to help you move forward with your goals -- and it might bring up some goals that you have that you didn't even know about!  Vision boards lay things out in a tangible and visual way -- you can even hang your board in a space that you will see every day.  I have worked with visioning for a few years now and it's incredible what has manifested.  There's power and magic in articulating what you want in this way.

So here's what you'll need:

-Quiet time & space

-Some old magazines that you don't want any more (bonus -- you can throw them away afterwards and have more space!)

-A piece of cardboard, paper, or even the inside of your Tarot Within notebook -- anything goes here, really.



-Sage, candles, and tea (optional, but they help to set the mood)

Start off by doing whatever it is you need to do to feel grounded, safe, and calm. Perhaps light a candle, burn sage, or say a prayer. Pick a magazine from your stack and start flipping through. When you come across an image that sticks out to you, rip out the whole page (you can cut fine details later).  As you move through the magazines, ask yourself:  How do I want to feel?  What do I want to accomplish?  Where do I want to be?  What do I need?

When you have worked through all of your magazines, grab your scissors and start cutting out the images from the ripped out pages.  Play with how they will be arranged on your board or notebook.  Then, get gluing. 

I really like to think about what each image is working on manifesting for me and write  sentence about it in my journal.  For example, if I cut out a picture of someone practicing yoga, I might write, "I integrate yoga practices into my daily life" -- even if I don't (yet!), stating affirmations in the present moment helps.

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