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It's a matter of trust: working with your intuition


Before we begin, have you taken my quiz on the clairs from last week?

Learning to trust was one of the issues I struggled with most when I started consciously developing my intuition.  It seemed silly at first to pay attention to my inner guidance system, because most (but not all!) of the time, it told me about trivial things that seemed not to matter in the long run.  But, what DID matter was that I was learning the language of my intuition.  I was learning how she felt, her accents, her tone, her song.  I was learning how she wanted to communicate.  Each time I listened was an invitation for her to talk to me more.

In this process of learning to listen and trust, I came up with a few almost scientific ways to discover more about my own personal intuition.  These techniques can help anyone connect the dots, find synchronicities, and learn how to trust those gut feelings.   All of these things can be recorded in a journal...maybe you dedicate a whole notebook to intuition discovery and study!

  • Notice the feelings in your  body.  When intuition is communicating with you, how do you feel?  Personally, I feel certain, grounded, full of action and truth.  It will be different for everyone.
  • Keep record of your intuitive notions.  If your intuition ends up being right, make a note.  What sets these moments apart from the others?  Focus on the gut feelings and the hunches that are true, and find a sense of confidence in reviewing them. 
  • Notice coincidences and write these down too.  Do you see any patterns?  What was meaningful?
  • Does your intuition get louder when you meditate more?  When you're outside often?  When you are painting?  Do tarot cards, crystals, scents, or any other activity spark your intuitive flow?  Whatever you find, do more of that.  Even if you don't get insights while doing these activities, they will assist your intuition later on.
  • Write a note to your intuition.  Be open. Simply ask it to talk to you more.  Perhaps set an intention every day to listen.  See what happens. 

Above all:  practice, practice, practice.  Really.  You can't practice enough.

So, tell me:  Are you learning to listen to your intuition?  What have you noticed about it so far? 

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