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Checking in with Tarot: Ace of Pentacles

One of my favorite rituals is lighting some sage or cedar, clearing the energy of my tarot deck, shuffling the cards and thinking about the week ahead of me.  While I shuffle, I set goals, reflect, and invite ease into my week.  Then, I pick a card.  I hang out with the card for a bit, studying its image, refreshing my memory of its meaning with some words from a tarot book, meditating with it.

Today, something a little different.  A prayer, a poem, a song.  A little something to offer the Ace of Pentacles.  Lately, this is how things are flowing out of me.  I need to honor that.

Oh Ace of Pentacles,

I reach my hand out for yours

grabbing hold of abundance,

of water manifested into magical cloud --

if this transformation can happen,

anything is possible.

Anything is within my reach.


I plant the seeds for new beginnings.

I am nourished by the energy in the soil,

by the earth beneath my feet.

Dear Ace, I am ready.

Ready to receive,

ready to gather my harvest.

I honor everything that rises up

from the Earth, just for me.


Just as the cloud-vapor

materializes into tangible rain,

allow my ideas to take shape,

to be something I can hold,

a weight in my palm.


I am aware:

the universe is full of infinite opportunity,

& I am digging into it.

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