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The maiden is maturing: A poem for the full moon

I've been working with Marissa Moondaughter's Spring Lunar Flow course and I have never felt more connected to the moon.  Through ceremony, ritual, journaling, and reflection, I am learning about the moon's natural cycles and how it all affects me.  I'm inspired by the moon's ability to shape-shift, by her ability flow throughout the sky, always there, hanging so heavy yet so light at the same time. 

This moon is the worm moon, the crow moon, the sap moon.  We're digging through the Earth, scratching at the surface, gathering up sweetness.  All the while, the moon is bringing light to what was once in the darkness.  Things are being unearthed, dug up. 

What are you finding in this full moon?

& these poems, they keep showing up.  I sort of like blogging in poetry instead of in sentences.


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