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Checking in with Tarot: A Confession: The Moon & Six of Pentacles

One of my favorite rituals is lighting some sage or cedar, clearing the energy of my tarot deck, shuffling the cards and thinking about the week ahead of me.  While I shuffle, I set goals, reflect, and invite ease into my week.  Then, I pick a card.  I hang out with the card for a bit, studying its image, refreshing my memory of its meaning with some words from a tarot book, meditating with it.


This week, these two cards fell out of the deck together while I was doing my shuffling.  So they've both been with me this week, acting as anchors, reminders, gently guiding me in the right direction.

& as always, they're oh-so-appropriate for where I am, right now.

First, The Moon.  I've been a little obsessed with her lately.  She's always there, hanging above me, watching, listening, shifting.  I think that's what I like best -- her ability to shift, to slip into the shadows and then come out again, glowing and naked.  & sometimes I forget:  her glow is really reflecting the light of the sun.  & that reflection is one of the highlights of this card:  reflecting upon thoughts and actions.  Using the imagination to light your way forward.  Shining light on your intuition.  Bask in the glow of your dreams.

But The Moon card isn't all about the power of thought.  It also deals with the burdens of thought.  The anxieties, the fears, the OCD mind that can get the best of anyone. 

Here's a little bit of a confession, an opening up:  I have been working with OCD for a really long time.  Not a little bit, like I need my pens to be arranged in a certain order on my desk to start my day, but more like I wash my hands all the friggin' time.  I fear illness.  I fear that I will be sick.  & it sucks.  I've been dealing with OCD since I was about 9, and it ebbs and flows, goes away and then reshapes itself into some other form.  I'm working with releasing the shame I hold around this piece of myself.  I'm working with releasing the fake sense of control that it gives me. 

This week, this card has prompted my mantra to be: "My intuition leads me to fearlessness."  Because really, I am safe.  I am well.  The fears that come are not real.  They are just projections, just ideas of what I think the future *might* hold.  The fears seem shaky.  They make me feel unsolid, uncomfortable.  But, when I'm using my intuition....things feel SOLID.  They feel strong.  I am rooted and free from fear.  I feel healthy.

Phew. Such a deep exhale.

On to the 6 of Pentacles.  What really stumped me at first was how this card would coordinate with the Moon.  This card is all about sharing wealth.  Now, I believe that abundance isn't only about the dollar bills.  I have a wealth of knowledge, of skills, of experiences.  I have the power to give these pieces of myself, too.  & I am also willing and ready to receive.  To see what others have to share and offer with me.  To learn from my peers, from people like you.  I am open.  I do not have to do it all alone.

So what I got from this was:  Share The Moon.  Share the gifts, share the burdens.  Yes, I'm intuitive.  Yes, I can connect you with that intuition (& am ready to dive deep in with you in an upcoming course!).  But, there's also a shadow side to me, too.  I think it's important to let you all know that.  I'm not perfect, and I'm betting you're not either.  & it's totally OKAY.  We're in this life together.  While I am here to help you gain clarity, insight, and confidence, I'm also here to tell you that there is freedom with embracing your weak points.  One of my friends once told me to not only embrace and love my OCD and anxieties, but also to nourish it.  To take it out to tea.  To hold its hand.  To love the hell out of it.  Because being gentle with myself is the only way that release will happen.

How do these cards speak to you?  What parts of the Moon can you share with others?

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