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5 ways to incorporate your intuition into your daily life

After my last couple of posts about intuition, a few people asked me about how I incorporate intuition into my daily life.  How do I go about life as an intuitive person?  How do I claim this gift?

1.  Each morning, I invite intuition into my day.  I've gotten to naming my intuition Clair, because it seems....right.  Sometimes I summon Clair during my morning meditation and yoga practice.  I wake her up.  I wake her up with the scent of rose & cedarwood.  The vapor of black tea. Together, Clair and I might shuffle the tarot deck, hold onto some stones, or play with paint.  We start the day in this way, and then she comes and goes as she pleases as time goes by.  When she speaks, I listen.  I can't ignore her, or she starts getting softer and softer.  She is a sensitive soul, that Clair.  I need to nourish her.

2.  I have an on-going dialogue with my intuition.  Besides the work we do together in my Intuitive Reiki Sessions & Tarot Readings, I chat with Clair every once in a while.  I'll ask her a question, ask her what she thinks about something.  I might be in a stone shop and ask her, "which stone is perfect for me, right now?"  I might be on a walk and ask, "left or right?"

3.  I own up to my intuition.  I talk about it openly.  I am not shy about saying things like, "I've got this feeling that we should do ____."  I claim it fully and proudly.  There is no shame, there is no need to hide.  This is a part of me.  I liken this to meeting a group of old friends and not introducing them to your significant other.  Your lover would feel a little funny about not being introduced, right?  While I'm not saying you need to shout from the rooftops, "I'm intuitive!", I am an advocate for talking about your inner compass openly, especially if it's conversationally appropriate to do so.

4.  Find times to be quiet.  Sometimes, if we're never still and listening, our intuition can't be heard.  Set aside time in the morning or evening for self-care.  Journal.  Meditate.  Create a ceremony out of having a cup of tea.  Give your inner guide a chance to speak.

5.  Practice!  If you're not used to using your intuition, just try.  Observe.  See what happens.  Start small, and know that you'll grow over time.  Imagine it as building strength in your intuitive muscles.

So tell me, dear intuitive soul:  How do you plan on incorporating intuition into your life?

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