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Checking in with Tarot: A letter from the Page of Pentacles

One of my favorite rituals is lighting some sage or cedar, clearing the energy of my tarot deck, shuffling the cards and thinking about the week ahead of me.  While I shuffle, I set goals, reflect, and invite ease into my week.  Then, I pick a card.  I hang out with the card for a bit, studying its image, refreshing my memory of its meaning with some words from a tarot book, meditating with it.

Sweetest Elle,

     There is work to be done.  A need for deep focus, for study.  Let's dig together in fascination.  Let's give ourselves fully to the work.  Let's explore the fields and hills, let's plant the seeds & tend to the soil.  Our creativity will grow as we till, as we weed, water & bathe in the sun.

     We stand at the threshold, feet rooted deep into the Earth, dirty between our toes.  Grounded below, yet the mind is wide open.  Dreams stream out of the crown & into the clouds.  Let's transform the mist of dreams into something solid; let's expand our reality.

     & oh, sweetest, together we will read & read & read.  Notes will be taken.  Ideas pouring from the pen.  We're gaining abilities.  We're taking action.

     I'm ready for the journey.  Are you?


Pagey Pent

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