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Let's get clear on the clairs


Whenever I hear about the clairs, my mind immediately associates the prefix "clair-" with Clara, the protagonist of Isabel Allende's "House of Spirits".  Clara is clairvoyant, telekinetic, and full of love.  She reminds me of the Queen of Cups in a tarot deck.  She discovered her abilities at a young age and put them into practice with the encouragement of her family.  She is a force of nature, and attracts people to her like a magnet.  She is constantly experimenting with her abilities, even after her death.  However, her soft and compassionate nature prompt her to stand up for social justice towards the end of the book, which serves to ground her in reality a bit.  She's a pretty rad character.

Clara's name in Spanish means "clear," and in English might be translated as "Claire."  Here's where our "clairs" come in -- they are ways of knowing that relate to the five senses for the most part.  They are:

  • clairvoyance:  clear seeing & vision
  • clairaudience: clear hearing
  • clairsentience:  clear feeling & sensing
  • clairtangency: clear touch
  • claircognizance:  clear knowing
  • clairgustance:  clear tasting
  • clairalience:  clear smelling

Before we go in and define each of these abilities, let's dive in to a quiz so you can discover which clairs you associate with the most.  I truly believe that EVERYONE has some psychic ability, so definitely don't dismiss your results!

So tell me:  Which clairs do you have? 

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