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Checking in with Tarot: A chat with the Chariot

One of my favorite rituals is lighting some sage or cedar, clearing the energy of my tarot deck, shuffling the cards and thinking about the week ahead of me.  While I shuffle, I set goals, reflect, and invite ease into my week.  Then, I pick a card.  I hang out with the card for a bit, studying its image, refreshing my memory of its meaning with some words from a tarot book, meditating with it.

My card for the week has been The Chariot.  This fellow and I have been hanging out, chatting over tea and coffee, wind blowing through our hair as we swerve around potholes, grip the steering wheel around hairpin curves, and hold onto our bellies as we go over bumps in the road.  He's with me for the journey, propelling me forward into unknown territory.  I'm working on being in the driver's seat.

I wanted to let you in on these conversations.  There's room in the back seat.  Hop in, buckle up. Listen, and ponder how you would respond to the words of the Chariot:

TC:  Think about what fuels you.  What gets you going?  What causes the wheels to spin in your head?  How can you avoid grinding your gears and instead focus on the road ahead.  There's a path that you've created: you're moving forward towards you goal.  What you've got to do, Elle, is completely and utterly OWN that goal.  The wheel is in your hands, you have control, it's up to you how fast you go and when you make rest stops.

TC:  Sometimes on road trips there are struggles.  There are bumps in the road.  How can you learn to love the struggle so that you can feel even more success when you finally reach your destination?  Also know:  there is no final destination.  Once you get to where you want to go and have taken in the scenery, you're going to want to move forward and create a new journey.  Embrace that.  The work is never done, but you can do the work if you have focus.

TC:  Think about a car.  It can take you places.  But -- not on its own.  It needs a driver.  It needs someone to turn the key, to direct it, to put a foot on the gas pedal or the breaks.  It takes energy and effort on the driver's part; it takes a sense of confidence and determination.  There may be a lot of work ahead to get to where you want to go, but it's completely dependent on YOU to get there.  You can't take your eyes off the road.

TC:  Shift your perspective:  instead of thinking what you want to be, realize how you already are what you want to be.  Envision yourself arriving at your goal destination.  How does it feel?  What did you do to get there?  Practice making the lefts and the rights.  Practice paying the tolls.  The more you see it happening, the more you embody what you want, the easier it will be.

So tell me:  where are you going?  What fuels you?


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