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Friday Favorites

I really like sharing things with you.  So, here's the deal:  every Friday, I'll share what has been on my radar over the week.  Screen-shots & all.  Grab your beverage of choice & get clicking. 

Hannah Marcotti always reaches out and touches me deep in my soul.  She does it so eloquently, so smoothly.  In this blog post, she repeats, and we choose.  That something I'm realizing I have.  I posses it. It's mine.  I am practicing using it, this choice.  I plan on becoming fluent in its language.

Katelyn has created magic here with her tinctures, and is offering them in a closeout sale.  They are $5 each for 2 oz. of love, herb, & healing.  I purchased a bottle of her St. John's Wort, and right away could energetically feel the difference between her tincture and a mass-produced tincture I had been using.  Get them while you can, friends.

Danielle totally hits the nail on the head with this blog post about manifestation.  I'm working with the ideas of abundance and manifestation and her post was just what I needed to read.  What if you *could* have it all?

Alexandra Franzen's Q+A Journal has become a ritual that the hubby and I share each night.  We are prompted a question, and each have a space to write our answer.  Sometimes, our days are so busy that this bed-time writing activity is our only time to connect.  I'm so thankful that it's a part of our day and will be for the next 2.7 years!

Eithne left Ireland 21 years ago and is currently living in Boston. Merja moved from Finland 4 years ago and after three years in London, is currently living in Toronto.  Despite being in places away from home, they've learned to be home...with themselves.  Join them on a journey to belonging...starting April 24th.

Cassia is offering a ***FREE*** 2 week course on sacred geometry, love, & the spaces in between.  Did I mention it's FREE!?

Jenny's shop is filled with these sweet hearts and soon will have the raddest apron I've ever seen in stock...I totally have my eyes on that apron and might want to wear it all of the time when it's available!

So, tell me...what's been on your radar lately?  Even if it's of your own creation...share away!

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