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Without meaning to, I found out what I was *really* hungry for: PLAY

So, I've been continuing my exploration of PLAY.  Making space for it, inviting it in, and claiming the act of play as part of what nurtures me.  I NEED to play.  It's not an option, it's what fuels me.  This past week, acts of play has included:

  • Running laps outside with my students during a game of Spanish Simon Says (we're learning commands)
  • Creating the space to run, by myself, splashing in puddles as I go & not minding
  • Dance breaks with the mister
  • Listening to Peaches on Pandora...because her songs are ridiculous
  • Lingering around a stone shop
  • Chasing my cats around the house
  • Planning day trips and weekend trips for the summer
  • Creating art with no finished product in mind
  • Tickle fights with the mister
  • Watching Adventure Time -- what could be more fun than cartoons?
  • More Minecraft explorations...
  • & more

& you know what else has been happening lately?  I haven't been hungry.  Like, at all.  Usually my appetite is ravenous, my thirst is unquenchable.  I used to never feel full after a meal, snack often and late, and eat without really thinking about what I was putting in my mouth or how much of it I was eating.  I struggled with mindful eating, even though as someone who meditates, I thought it should come like second nature to me. 

But now?  I have to remind myself to eat.  I'm learning to listen to the cues my body gives me when its hungry.  Before, I always *felt* hungry...but I knew that it didn't make sense for me to be hungry.  I used to feel uncomfortably full and hungry at the same time.  So I never really let myself become *actually* hungry...I just *thought* I was hungry.

But what was I really?  I was bored.  What was I actually hungry for?  FUN & PLAY.  So now that's what I've given myself.  That's what fuels me, what feeds me, what keeps me going during the day. 

So, I'm learning.  Learning to listen to the body, to what's really going on.   I'm noticing what I'm craving when I am actually hungry:  almond butter, avocado,  broccoli, spices, and gluten free oatmeal.   Meaningful foods, foods with purpose.  Some with nourishing fats, some with good-for-you vitamins and fiber, some with healing properties.  There's something important in that for me. 

So, tell me:  what are you really hungry for? What fuels you?  How can you add that into your day?

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