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Meditating with Crystals

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So, I really like crystals. You could say I'm obsessed with them.  I carry some with me in my pocket at all times (today:  blue lace agate) and often intuit what kind of crystals clients need when doing my Intuitive Reiki Readings

I also feel super out of balance if I don't meditate.  In fact, I often sneak different kinds of meditation into my day.  For example, before writing this blog post, I closed my eyes and focused on my  breath for two minutes.  Sometimes I do this in my car after a stressful drive through rush hour traffic to reset my mood and energy before walking in the house. 

So it's no surprise that I often combine the two and use crystals frequently in my meditation practice.

If you have a crystal or stone that you're working with and would like to meditate with, it's a pretty easy process:

  • Find a comfortable place to hang out with your crystal.  Hold the crystal in your hands.  Mentally and energetically, clear away any residual negative energy that the crystal may be carrying.  You can send the crystal a few deep and strong exhales to blow away the energy, or even run it under water (be careful:  some crystals, like selenite, disintegrate in water!).
  • Mentally tell the crystal your intention for it.  What energy would you like to absorb from the crystal?  For example, if you're working with clear quartz, you may ask it for clarity, or if you're working with citrine, you might ask it for abundance.
  • Take three deep cleansing breaths and close your eyes.  As you hold onto the crystal, notice if you can feel its energy radiating into your hands or in other areas of your body.
  • Imagine all the issues you are working with being absorbed into the crystal.  Visualize the crystal pulling any negative energy from your body and chakras.
  • When you feel complete, mentally thank the crystal for its help.  After your meditation, practice the first step of this meditation and clear the crystal.
  • Carry your crystal with you for the day.  Every once in a while, hold the crystal in your hand and be reminded of your intention.

This meditation could be done in as little as 3 minutes, or for as long as you wish!  Do you have a crystal or stone that you're working with right now?  I'd love to hear from you if you try meditating with your crystal!

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