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Friday Favorites

I really like sharing things with you.  So, here's the deal:  every Friday, I'll share what has been on my radar over the week.  Screen-shots & all.  Grab your beverage of choice & get clicking. 

Jodi Sky Rogers is offering this e-course on reclaiming your Inner Wilderness, starting on the new moon on April 28th.  Are you ready to get to the essence of who you really are?

Katie is offering a Wild Mystic Mentorship for those looking to deepen their connection to plant and animal wisdom.  Rediscover you unique visionary gifts with this 6-month program.

I absolutely love Lissa Rankin's approach to health, healing, and the power of using your intuition.  In this blog post, she interviews Shiloh Sophia, a visionary artist who works with intentional creativity.  They outline 5 purposeful steps to access your inner healer.  Have you implemented any of these steps?

Every morning over the past week I have been reading this poem as I sip my tea, wake up, and get ready for the day.  Vanessa says to her body, "I will not shame you anymore/I will not hide you away."  & there's such beauty and power in that.  Go over and read her poems.  They will reach deep into your soul.

Merja combines her exquisite artwork and powerful words with these lovely inspiration cards.  Don't they look so luscious to hold, to place on an altar, work space, or to gift to a friend?

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