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Checking in with Tarot: The 2 of swords: This lady has some questions

Check it out:  she's drawing within (oh, yes), sweet sister, protecting the heart, closing off the eyes and ears.  She's got the power of the moon & ocean behind her.  This girl is rooted in feminine energy but yet she's strong:  she's ready to fight, blindfolded.  Her intuition is that spot on. 

This card can have a few interpretations, and it all comes down to who you think put the blindfold on.  Was it her, or was it someone else?  Is she training to be a jedi, or is she being fooled? 

Truth be told, I feel like if I had pulled this card a few weeks ago, the blindfold would have been put on by someone else.  I was avoiding things, not wanting to see the truth, protecting the heart space.

But now?  Now I'm working with my senses.  My gut knows.  My third eye is wide open.  I'm listening, sensing, guiding myself.

This week, I'd like to invite you to check in with yourself.  The Two of Swords has some questions for you.  Pull out your journal.  Set some time aside for yourself.  Perhaps share a bit in the comments.

She asks:

-Can you take off your blindfold?

-What aren't you seeing?

-Where can you find happiness within yourself?

-Where in your life can you find more balance?

-Where can you let down your guard?

-What's your truth?

Write.  Draw within yourself.  Dive deep, friend.


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