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In Preparation:: The eve of the full moon


In the hours before my crystal essence anointing oils or sprays are made, I'm full of anticipation.  This full moon is in Scorpio and ushers in energies of motivation, empowerment, and clarity.  Now is the time to move forward, now is the time to dig deep into the dark parts of your soul and shine light upon them.  This moon wants you to give yourself the medicine of self-care.  She illuminates and shines; she is open to giving. 

In the days leading up to creating any of my blends, I give my stones Reiki to clear their energy.  I surround them in sage smoke.  I say a prayer.  I write a petition to each stone and burn it, and let the smoke embrace each stone, sending it whispers in the embers.  I also sage my bottles and send Reiki to them too.  My theory is:  one can never do too much.

& now I too am blessed with this sage smoke.  & now I too smell of frankincense, cypress, and rosemary.  In the days leading up to creating each oil, I talk to the essential oils that I am using.  They linger on my skin, and we commune.  This process, this sacredness:  it matters to me.  I love enveloping myself in ritual.  It makes me feel connected to something I have always known, it's a comfort and a joy. 

This full moon I am offering four new babies:

I am honored to create these offerings for you.  I feel so blessed to be able to create in this sacred way.

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