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Tarot Thursday::The Empress

She's been coming up lately not only for me but also in my readings and healing sessions for others.  The Empress, the mother, the divine feminine, mother nature, goddess.  She's making an appearance this week to remind me to embrace my feminine nature, to remind me of my access to abundance. 

This card represents a creatrix, someone who is absorbed in creative endeavors (me!) and is giving birth to them, figuratively. 

I find it a bit playful that she was pulled the day after Mothers' Day.  As a figure of Mother Nature, this card reminds me of the importance of being outside (especially since the weather is finally getting nice!) and reminds me that nature time = self care for me.  I have been taking more walks and bringing my exercise outside lately, and it's been oh-so-nuturing. 

She reminds me of the satisfying feeling I feel when I am able to nurture and care for others.  I feel so blessed that I am able to integrate caring for others into my daily life through Reiki, making crystal essences, and just generally helping people.  At the same time, she reminds me of the need to give that care and nurturing to myself...which I admit I sometimes forget about.

I feel like I'm falling in love with her.  She's grounded, connected to her intuition.  She believes in miracles, in the power of intention, in manifesting abundance.  She is overflowing with creativity and love.  I'm working on integrating her qualities into myself & on remembering that they have been a part of me all along.

Has the Empress come up for you lately?  Is there something about her message that you can apply to your life? 

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