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Friday Favorites::Body Love Edition

I really like sharing things with you.  So, here's the deal:  every Friday, I'll share what has been on my radar over the week.  Screen-shots & all.  Grab your beverage of choice & get clicking. 

After posting my post about how positive thinking re-shaped my body, I noticed that other people were writing about the same thing.  Perhaps something collective is going on this week.  We're all embracing ourselves, welcoming ourselves back into the homes of our bodies.  & that makes me happy.

Vanessa writes about letting go of being a woman who hates her body and instead embraces the woman who loves her body.  Embrace your inner sexy.  Embrace your ability to be desired. 

Hillary shows us not only her curves but her full self in her full beauty.  She has the line, "temple of the creative feminine" in this post, bold, capitalized, in a soft rose pink, and when I read it, it made me say "YES" aloud.  We are temples.  Let's love our bodies, let's make our movements, our thoughts, our lives a part of a prayer to our bodies, to this temple that we dwell in.  There's magic in each of us.

Hannah says, "When do I feel the most beautiful in my skin? When I am happy. When do I feel sexy? When I am confident. When do I have fun? When I am happy and sexy." AMEN, Amen, amen.

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