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Ritual: Flame

Like a moth fluttering around in the still of the night, I am attracted to flame.  I am hypnotized by the swirl of smoke that is created when I burn sage or cedarwood.  The scent that manifests when I scatter herbs atop a candle's flame goes deep to my soul.  It is a ritual that is comforting and grounding.  In almost all of my Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions, something is burned, some herb is used, some scent is sent.  It is a part of my process.

The items I work with most frequently and intimately are:

Sage :: This plant has been used by generations of shamans to help protect and to develop a sense of spirituality.  Use it to clear a space or to clear your own energy.

Cedar :: It is said that the smoke of cedar brings prayers into the heavens.  Another purifying herb, cedar also brings in positive energy into the work that you are doing.

Cinnamon :: Burning cinnamon increases prosperity and abundance, while also giving a boost to your psychic powers.  It is also used for invoking passion in love.

Cardamon Pods :: I love the smell of cardamom pods burning.  Cardamom invites in feminine energies, passion, and attracting forces.

Bay leaf & Birch bark :: Both of these items can be used to send wishes to the universe.  Simply write your wish in black in on either the bay leaf or the birch bark (found birch bark please -- do not peel off of trees!) and burn the leaf or bark. 

Clove :: Burn to increase abundance, love, and sexuality.

Cumin :: Sprinkle atop a candle flame to bring protection & love.

Chamomile :: Sprinkle a bit on top of a flame to bring in calm, relief from anxiety, and feminine energies.

I hope these rituals become incorporated into your daily life to add in bits of ceremony here and there.  Let me know if they are helpful, or if you have any other herbs that you use frequently in this manner.


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