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Tarot Thursday: Ace of Cups

Fill me up until I'm over flowing, fill me up until the goodness spills out so that others can absorb it, too....

This week I've been working with the Ace of Cups.  I love the aesthetics of this card in my Herbal Tarot deck:  the dove, that shade of yellow, the lotus, how the water spilling out of the cup looks like blue ribbons, the mysterious's very pleasing for me to look at. 

This card tells me to drink up, drink up the infinite abundance that it being handed to me, drink up the spirituality, drink up the beauty.  Everything is rising up in this card:  The lotus rises up from the mud, the dove flies on her journey of peace, the hand lifts the cup, as if to toast to success.  Ace of Cups works with intuition, creative expression, and love -- all things that I am swimming in right now. 

This card paired with last week's Empress hints at birth, conception, & new life.  While giving literal birth is not in my plans, giving creative birth is:  & I'm in the birthing process.  Sometimes I feel like I'm giving birth to my creative projects and being born at the same time, mothering myself, nurturing my own growth.  I put great love into all that I do, my work is like my child:  I want to cradle it, I rock with it to sleep, it makes me beam with joy. 

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