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Friday Favorites

I really like sharing things with you.  So, here's the deal:  every Friday, I'll share what has been on my radar over the week.  Screen-shots & all.  Grab your beverage of choice & get clicking. 

Are you an artist?  Or do you at least like to create?  Well, how good does an International Soul Art Day sound?  Pixie Campbell, Flora Bowley, and many others join Laura Hollick through a free interactive day of body mapping, chakras, spirit guides, intuition, and shamanic healing on May 14th.  I'm *so* there.

Oh, Susannah Conway, your writing pulls on my heart strings.  In this blog post, Susannah talks about the power of journaling & how it can help you access your inner wisdom.  After reading this post, I got out my journal and had a sweet writing session with some coffee and a kitty in my lap.  I love journaling but need to get into the habit of doing it more.  This post is my motivation!

This sweet bathing suit company not only uses real people who aren't photoshopped as models, but also makes super flattering bathing suits for a variety of sizes and shapes.  Bonus:  they tell you what shape each bathing suit is made for.  They have an indie go-go campaign up right now and while I admit to not owning a swim suit...purchasing one from them while helping them get their shop running in full gear is pretty tempting.

Playlists make my heart swoon.  Especially this one with core desired feeling of Divine by Danielle LaPorte. 

No-bake Strawberry Cheese Cake not only sounds good because it rhymes, but because, well, friggin' look at that!  & it's dairy free//gluten free, which means I can actually eat this.  Honestly:  I've never had cheese cake in my life on account of being dairy-free.  So....the time is now.

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