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Honoring What I Need

I've been listening to my inner voice, to those nudges that come out of nowhere.  I've been listening to what I need, honoring it, encouraging it.  I am aware that when I give myself the gift of what I need, I am able to give myself to others in a more true way.  I am a better healer, a better partner, a better teacher, a better me.  The more I honor myself, the more I feel at peace.

& what is it that I need?

I need an hour of quiet every morning to drink tea.  The dawn and I commune, we cherish our time together.  I love the newness of it all.

I need some movement most days.  I need to remember I am strong.  I swing kettlebells, practice yoga, go running, or just challenge myself in some way.  This movement reminds me that I am alive.  It reminds me that my body is capable of crazy things.

Some days, I need complete rest.  I need to linger, I need to nourish.  It is difficult to give myself the gift of rest, but I am always thankful for when I let myself cherish the softness of it all fully.

I need love.  I need quality time with my mister.  I need to hug him, kiss him, play with his hair, joke with him, and cuddle with him.  His heart and my heart are intertwined; they work best when near each other.

I need a little bit of a mess.  My work space is never exactly clean.  Neither is the kitchen, the bed room, or any room in the house.  Maybe I don't *need* a bit of mess....but I need to honor that it will always be there.  I don't mind it really and striving for the perfect house is not worth it in the grand scheme of things. 

I need healthy food.  These days, I'm not hungry very much.  But when I am hungry, I need a well-rounded plate full of protein, fats, and carbs.  I need LOTS of veggies.  I need a little bit of dark chocolate.  I need to eat slowly, really tasting each bite, free from distractions.  I eat in the present moment and let the meal interact with my senses.

I need space.  Space for quiet, for meditation, for no plans.  Space to move about, to dance, to run.  The space between breaths, between thoughts, between activities, between days.

I need support.  Friends, in real life and online.  We huddle together, we nourish each other, we cheer each other on. 

I need to love myself.  Positive thoughts about myself and my body are essential to my well-being.  I hereby vow to not sink into a downward spiral of self-hate and resentment.  I will never be what the media says is perfect, but I am perfect how I am.  My imperfections add character, they give me a sense of strength, a sense of fuck-it-all, I am me, deal with it.  YES.

I need to create.  Whether its art, anointing oils, a blog post, or a poem, creating fuels me forward.

I need to give.  I need to share healing.  I need to exchange words, encouragement, rituals.  Sending Reiki, pulling a Tarot card, working with crystal energy...this inner medicine woman//healer is who I am.  Embracing that here in this space makes me feel whole.

I need, I want, but at the same time, I release.  I realize I can not always have all of these things.  I am here, bowing with gratitude to the fact that I have all that it is that I need right now.  I am so utterly blessed.

So tell me:  What do you need?

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