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In Prepartion :: New Moon in Gemini

Circle around, the time has come.  My stones and bottles are smudged, my water has been prepared and blessed.  I am ready for this New Moon in Gemini, ready for what she has to bring.  She speaks of new beginnings, of dreams manifesting, of positive events and starting creative endeavors.  She is listening to your intentions. 

I created this Priestess Circle spray for those of you who want a fresh feeling to your work space and living space.  This is powerful crystal essence that will help to ready your space for your creative adventures, for fresh starts, for manifesting magic.  I am also really excited about this crystal essence spray because it is *perfect* for clearing your own crystals, mala beads, stones, or any object.  Amethyst and Smoky Quartz are wonderful for clearing stones, but the secret power here is Carnelian.  Carnelian is such a magnificent stone and is so grounding that it is said to clear other stones just  by being near to them. 

Use this spray to begin sacred rituals such as meditation, pulling a tarot card, or working with healing energy.  Just a couple of spritzes in the air will work wonders.  You could also clear yourself energetically by spraying the air in front of you and then walking through the mist, a beautiful cleansing ceremony. 

As always, each bottle is charged with Reiki healing energy and comes with a couple of crystals inside.  I love hearing the crystals clink together and feel like they amplify the power of the spray. 

Let the circling begin!

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