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Tarot Thursday::Medicine Wheel

I've been thinking about circles and cycles lately.  Cycles have been showing up in my life for years, and I embrace them.  They are my teachers, my guides, what I follow to know what's coming next.  Every action I take, every intention I set, every day is another step forward, another turn of the wheel.  This card speaks of transformation, of fate, of surrendering to the universe and letting go.  This card also speaks of moving forward, of claiming a power that comes from within.  It is a balance, a give and take, a push and pull. 

Here's the deal:  I'm being called to follow my dream, to move forward, to give a big life-giving push.  One season has closed, and another is on the horizon.  For me, this means that I will have more time.  More time to spend here, more time to work on my healing practice.  More time = that I will have more to give.

The wheel is spinning.  It's turning towards more offerings for me to share with you.  I've been hinting about getting "crystal clear" -- and you'll get to get clear with me and crystals too, soon.  I'm also working on developing a Tarot E-course that will be released sometime at the end of June.  I am so damn excited to bring these dreams to reality.

This card reminds me:  I am open to change.  I am moving on.  I am without end.  I am gaining momentum.

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