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Honoring what I don't need::A Release

Last week I posted a manifesto about what I needed.  But with the inviting in, the welcoming, there also needs to be a release.  In this letting go, I create space for more of what serves me in this moment.  In this clearing, I make space for my true self, shining here & now.

I release my need for body perfection.  In the grand scheme of things, it does not matter how my legs look in shorts.  I can still carry on if my belly is soft.  I can still do the work that I have set out to do.  I do not have to find perfection now, or ever.  I can be me, just how I am, and still get things done, still love, still create, still heal.  It is not the body that matters, but what matters is the work that the body enables me to create.

I release fear.  I do not need to hold on to that burden any longer.  I instead embrace the freedom from fear, the lightness of fearlessness.  That is where I will dwell.

I release the need to tackle everything on my to-do list.  I remember that I crave space, time, quiet, the space between, and sometimes in order to get that, I need to leave a few things behind on my to-do list.  & that's okay.  There's always tomorrow.

At the same time, I release the urge to procrastinate.  While I need space and quiet, I do not need to check facebook and pintrest as often as I do.  I do not need to be connected all.of.the.time.  I do not need to go into the kitchen for tea every 30 minutes.  It's okay to sit down and be focused. 

I release the need to say YES to everyone.  I hereby declare that I will stand by my needs and what works for me.  I don't always have to say yes.  I can say no.  I can say maybe.  I can negotiate.  I can make things work out for me.

I release the nervousness, the anxiety, the stress.  I release the worry, the feeling of unworthiness, the feeling of not-good-enough.  I release the dimming of my inner light.  I release what I fear others think of me.  With each exhale, I let go of more and more.  With each exhale, I am creating space.

& so it is.


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