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Ritual: Using Anointing Oils & Crystal Essence Sprays

Here's my wish:  I started making anointing oils and crystal essence sprays because I value ritual and ceremony.  Each bottle is a wish from me to you, a wish for healing, for a shift, for a deep exhale.  

For me, there's deep magic in using these crystal essence blends.  Did you know that anointing oils have been used for thousands of years?  This is an ancient way to connect to your own inner power, truth, and wild self.

I feel like there are an infinite number of uses for anointing oils and sprays -- I truly believe that there is no wrong way to use them.  Below, I'll outline some of my favorite ways to integrate oils into my ritual practice.  If I can, I like to begin the ritual by creating a sacred space somehow -- either smudging the area around me with sage or cedar, lighting a candle, sitting in meditation, or chanting a mantra. 

1. Apply the anointing oil to the chakra the corresponds with your desired wish for the anointing oil.  Anoint:

  • tailbone to feel grounded
  • three inches below the belly-button to connect to your creative center
  • on the solar plexus to boost confidence
  • on the heart space to heal emotions and invoke love
  • to the throat to help you speak your truth
  • on your third eye center for focus or heightened intuition
  • on your crown for a deeper connection to your higher self, inner divine, or the universe

2.  If using a crystal essence spray, spray in a large circle in front of you, while stating your intention for the spray.  Step into the circle and let the mist envelop you with healing.

3.  A bath can be a luscious and luxurious ceremony for self-care.  Add in a cap-full or two to your bath to have the healing properties of the oil completely surround you.  Light a candle or two to place on the bath, and bless the water with your intention. 

4.  Smear a bit of oil beneath your nose.  Sit quietly in meditation, and follow the breath as it moves in and out of the body.  As you inhale, imagine the healing properties of the oil entering your body.  As you exhale, envision what you wish to release leaving your body with ease. 

5.  Rub your anointing oil or spray onto the bottoms of your feet before practicing yoga, spiritual dance, walking meditation, hiking, running, or any other form of movement.  Let your intention be a silent mantra as you go about your practice.

So tell me -- how do you use anointing oils & crystal essences?  I love hearing about your own personal rituals.  xx

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