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Top 5 Crystals to Enhance your Meditation Practice

While my interest in crystals and stones was piqued as a teenager, it wasn't until about 8 years ago when I really started to research and collect them.  Around the same time, I started my meditation practice.  When I could, I would wander into my local stone and crystal shop and I was so intrigued by the idea that stones and crystals could help to enhance my meditation practice.  Here are the first five stones that I purchased to use while meditating, along with their other healing benefits: (If you're interested in how to integrate crystals into your meditation practice, check out this how-to post. )

1.  Amethyst:  This purple stone resonates with our third-eye chakra and promotes a meditation practice that might provide insight via your intuition.  Amethyst helps to bring you to a higher state of consciousness while also providing a calm and clear energy.  I like to use this stone when my mind is full of worried thoughts, as it helps to still the negative inner chatter of the mind.

2.  Fluorite:  If you are feeling foggy-brained or stressed, Fluorite is the stone for you.  It brings about a sense of clarity, focus, and concentration.  Use this stone if you are hoping to solve a problem through meditation, or if you are looking for a creative solution.  Fluorite promotes spiritual development and a still mind.

3.  Celestite:  As its name suggests, this stone connects us to the higher frequencies of the celestial realm.  Celestite resonates with our crown chakra and throat chakra, and brings about a sense of creativity, truth-speaking, and divine knowledge.  This stone is perfect for integrating more peace into your day.

4.  Black Tourmaline:  Used for protection, purification, and grounding, this stone works wonders when you are feeling like your head is in the clouds and you can't feel your feet on the earth.  If you are feeling tired, overworked, and like your to-do list is never-ending, this stone is for you.  I also recommend this stone if you have been around a negative person and want to reconnect to your positive self.

5.  Iolite:  A stone for abundance, intuition, and creativity, Iolite is perfect if you're looking to find balance and focus.  This stone is said to increase the clarity and frequency of visions and insight that you might find while meditating or dreaming.  If you have trouble "seeing" guided meditations, this stone might help.

So, tell me:  Do you meditate with stones?  If you have one of these stones, try meditating with is and let me know if you noticed any shifts.

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