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Friday Favorites

I really like sharing things with you.  So, here's the deal:  every Friday, I'll share what has been on my radar over the week.  Screen-shots & all.  Grab your beverage of choice & get clicking. 

Laura of Roots & Feathers has a sweet Etsy shop full of gorgeous jewelry.  I'm especially crushing on her intuitive amethyst amulet...isn't it stunning?

Gypset Vienda's post on releasing hits the nail on the head.  It all starts with making the decision that you're ready to change. 

Mandalas+rings+fabulous mantras=Fifth Element Life's fabulous works of art.  I love the designs of each and every one...but I think that the Intuition mandala ring would be what I would pick.  I'm hoping to manifest one of these soon!

You know it's going to be a luscious e-course when Mandy Steward and Hillary Rain are involved.  Into the Dark Night is a guided course though shadow work and two full moons.  I feel like working with these two mystics would be such a treat.

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