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On the night (well...morning) of the Full Moon::Soul Deep Crystal Essence Anointing Oil

Where the soul is full of peace and joy,
outward surrounding and circumstances are of
comparatively little account.  -Hannah Whithall Smith

Last night was the night:  the night of creation.  I'm harnessing the spark of the Ace of Wands and making some magic happen:  Soul Deep Anointing Oil.  With the Full Moon by my side, I dive deep into feeling the crystal energy, to inhaling the scent of bergamot, to dropping tiny stones into glass bottles.  This fuels my soul, and I intend for it to fuel yours.

Soul Deep Anointing oil is a compliment to Angela Heather's Soul Deep E-course.  With the anointing oil and the course combined, you'll get to find the beauty in every day life, take the time for self-care, and explore the joy of living.  You'll get to make magic happen and see the magic that was there, all along.

Join me in a journey of the soul.

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