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Tarot Thursday::Two of Cups

Let's intertwine arms and drink from the cup that the other holds.  Let's toast to each other, cheers, skal, slainte, salud, salute to your health and mine, to your accomplishments and mine. 

In my mind, the two of cups is parallel to The Lovers, but is also indicative of friendship.  There's union, there's love, there's admiration, trust and partnership.  It's a card of balance -- positive and negative, yin and yang, masculine and feminine.  There's the idea that when the two opposites come together, they meet in the middle.  There's magic in that middle space, in the space between one extreme and the other. 

So what's in your cup?  Right now I'm sipping on black tea with almond milk. 

Cheers to you, dear friend.

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