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Ritual::How to ask the Tarot a Question

One of the main things to remember when asking the Tarot a question is to leave room for open-endedness.  We live in a universe full of infinite possibility and potential, so when we ask questions that have a yes or no answer or provide only 2 choices, you are not only underestimating the universe, but also giving up your responsibility and free will.  Also, asking about time is difficult for the Tarot to express, and as we get deeper into the cards and their meanings, you'll see why.  So, instead of asking "when," think about how you can find a different perspective from which to ask your question.

Instead, ask an open-ended question.  Here are some guides:

-"I would like insight right now about..."

-"How can I better understand..."

-"What is the significance of...."

-"What do I have to learn from...."

-"How can I have a better chance of...."

Find a balance between too much detail and too vague of a question.

Also, keep in mind:  state your questions in a positive light.  This attracts a more positive outcome, not only for the reading, but also for your thought-pattern and the situation as a whole. 

Does this shift your perspective a bit for how to ask a question?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  xo

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