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On the morning of the New Moon::Blessed Boundaries

"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others. We can't base our own worthiness on others' approval (and this is coming from someone who spent years trying to please everyone!). Only when we believe, deep down, that we are enough can we say "Enough!""  -Brene  Brown

Blessed Boundaries Anointing Oil is for you if …

  • you want to create and stabilize boundaries in your life

  • you are working on clarifying your energetic, physical, emotional, and/or mental boundaries

  • you would like extra protection to surround your energy field

  • you wish to be able to express your needs clearly and effectively

  • you crave the power and relief of saying "no" without any guilt

  • you want to harness a firm and stable sense of self and confidence

So, blessed one, in this Blessed Boundaries Anointing Oil you’re going to get:

A .5 ounce glass bottle full of protective scent & essence:

SCENT:  Clove:  This essential oil is all about clarifying your sense of self and bringing in a strong sense of confidence. Clove is known for setting boundaries, strengthening will and raising self-esteem.

ESSENCE: Amethyst:  Amethyst helps you to clarify boundaries and communicate your needs to others.  This stone helps you to radiate with appreciation and self-acceptance.  Amethyst connects you to your intuition and brings about a sense of mindfulness. 

Kyanite:  This stone of communication will help you to speak your truth -- your REAL truth -- in tough situations.

Jade:  A calming stone, Jade helps you to balance emotions, recharge energy, release guilt, and supports the heart chakra.

Labradorite: A stone of intuition and manifestation, Labradorite helps you to remember your inner worth and provides a sense of personal empowerment.  This stone also protects the energy field from any negativity.

Smoky Quartz:  This grounding and protecting stone helps to repel negative energy and is especially powerful against people who you might be inclined to call an "energy vampire."

Hematite:  A stone for improving relationships, hematite works with improving intuition, protecting your energy and keeps you grounded.

Black Tourmaline:  Like most black stones, Black Tourmaline helps you to protect your energy and set clear boundaries.  It also opens the mind and heart to help you find solutions to problematic situations, and relieves anxiety and irritation.

Tiger's Eye:  A stone that helps you to communicate boundaries and of energetic protection, Tiger's Eye also provides you with courage and inner power to stand your ground.

All created on the eve of June 27th, 2014 to harness the energies of the New Moon.  What better time to set a blessed intention?

Each bottle is an open invitation to see the beauty in your every day life and take a moment for self-care.  Anoint yourself lovingly as you would apply a perfume, add in the sacred aspects of a ritual.  Give yourself time to absorb the crystal energies.  Let this be your ritual, and open door into a joyful way of living.

You’ll be surprised & delighted by the tiny stones that I intuitively select to go into each bottle.  Give it a shake and watch them move around.  Know that these stones help to amplify the power of your anointing oil.

Oh yeah...& I send Reiki healing energy to each & every bottle.  I love sending Reiki for something specific, so at checkout let me know exactly what you're looking for.

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