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Tarot Thursday


Lately I've been walking with Lion, so it was no surprise when I shuffled the deck and he was there, staring out at me from my Wild Unknown deck.  Rose in his mouth, that romantic fellow, infinity symbol upon his head, reminding me that one can be infinitely strong -- emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Lion reminds me of my personal power.  Lion gifts me with confidence, with courage, with pride.  He helps me to deal with anger, sometimes gently, sometimes with a roar. Lion instills within me a sense of wisdom, a sense of strength. 

Lion also makes me think of sunshine and citrine.  I can't help it.  Dandelions moving in the breeze on a sunny day.  The sparkle of abundance and solar-plexus-awesomeness that citrine brings is just the sort of medicine that Lion has, too.  These connections make me happy.

How are you strong?  How are you showing your inner courage?  Is there a Lion within you?

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