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Tarot Thursday::The Hermit

Let me make it official:  The Hermit is the official Tarot card of Drawing Within.  I've been waiting, hoping, yearning for him to be pulled for my weekly card.  But he teaches patience, this one.  This week, I shuffled the deck until my intuition told me to stop. It told me to split the deck in half. It said, the card on top is for you, love. & so it was: The Hermit.

He draws within, and he draws within hard.  He pays no mind to the outer world and instead listens to his inner guidance, to his intuition.  He is a teacher, a guide, a beam of light.  He sees the power in one's personal journey.

& oh, does he want you to go forward on your personal path.  He is all about the process of development, of spiritual maturity, of inner growth.  He wants you to realize that within you, too, there glows a beam of light.  & that little light, he wants you to shine it out. 

The Hermit wants to know:  How can you honor your inner knowledge and truth?  How can you let it shine out?  How can you find peace with how you are, in this moment?

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