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Announcing The Tarot Within: My Tarot E-course!

I am so so so very excited to announce:  I am launching a Tarot E-course called The Tarot Within where we will dive deep into the Tarot! You'll connect with both your deck & your intuition.  You'll walk the path from the Fool to the World, through out the Major and Minor Arcana. 

This course will launch on July 1st, and while you can sign up and start the course any time after that...I wanted to offer you a little gift.

For a limited time, I am offering The Tarot Within for a reduced early-bird price of $67.  For 8 weeks of daily emails, this is such a fantastic value!

To learn more about The Tarot Within & to register, head over here.  I can't wait to get started!

In this course, you're going to get:

  • daily emails for 8 weeks leading you to a special password protected course area
  • a chance to develop your own interpretation of each card through guided meditations, journal prompts, exploration, worksheets, how-to's, ritual, and personal insight....
  • ....along with learning the traditional meaning of each card
  • clarity & confidence with pulling cards and reading the Tarot for yourself and others
  • access to The Tarot Within Facebook group & course information -- so you can go at your own pace & read through lessons again & again.

Are you ready to dive deep into the Tarot?

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