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Ritual: Clearing & Blessing my Tarot Deck (Tarot Within Excerpt)

Every once in a while, I feel the need to clear or bless my Tarot deck.  Sometimes I just *know* that it's time.  Other times one of the following things has happened:

  • Someone else has touched my deck

  • I just got a new deck

  • I haven't used a deck in a while

  • My cards have been scattered about for a while

  • I want to reconnect to my deck

  • I feel that the deck has stale energy

  • I am not getting clear readings

You may want to clear and/or bless your deck every new moon or full moon, or you may want to clear it every week.  It's totally up to you:  it's your deck and I believe that there is no wrong way or wrong time to do things. Listen to your intuition and let that guide you.

I usually clear my deck far more than I bless my deck.  Clearing the deck means that I am cleansing the deck, exchanging any negative energy for positive energy, and causing a "new" feeling to enter the cards.  Blessing the deck sets an intention for the deck and makes the cards a sacred tool to use.  The line between the two can get a bit fuzzy at times, and that's totally okay.  Again -- there's no wrong way!

There are many ways to clear and bless the deck -- experiment with the ideas below or create your own ceremony!

For clearing the deck:

  • Light incense and let the smoke pass through the cards. You can smudge each card individually or do this to the deck as a whole.

  • Place a stone over your deck -- carnelian, quartz, amethyst, and citrine are good choices. I like to do this overnight, especially under the light of the full moon.

  • Shuffle the deck for a while, sending your unique energy into the cards. Then, place the cards in order, from the Fool through The world, and then each suit from the Ace to the King. Keep the cards in order overnight, or for however long feels right to you. Shuffle well before use them again.

  • Dab an anointing oil around your deck (not on it!). Let the energy of the oil permeate the cards. A couple of sprays of Priestess Circle Crystal Essence Spray also would be perfect for this!

  • Split the deck in half, and hold each half in the palms of your hands as you meditate. Envision the cards being cleared by sending a white light to surround the deck.

  • Sprinkle sea salt around the deck, or immerse the cards fully in a bowl of sea salt overnight.

  • Place the cards under your pillow to form a deeper connection with your cards and your intuition.

  • Exhale deeply three times on your deck.

  • Leave the deck under the moonlight.

  • Light a candle in a safe glass holder and set the holder on top of your cards. Let the candle's flame blow out with it is ready to - if you can help it.

For blessing your deck:

  • Set an intention for your deck. How do you want to feel when using it? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to learn? Write your intention on a piece of paper and either wrap the paper around the deck or keep it in the box that the cards came in. Read the intention aloud every time you use your cards. Rewrite the intention when necessary.

  • Hold the deck between your palms over your heart space in "namaste" position. State your intention to your deck, call in energy and help from your spirit guides or any other deities that you feel connected to.

  • Write a prayer for your deck, and recite it four times, once in each of the four corners. Do this while holding your deck.

  • As you shuffle the deck, call upon your spirit guides/spirit/ancestors/whatever is in your practice. Ask them to guide and assist you during readings, and ask them to bless the deck with you.

  • Make an offering -- a flower, shell, stone, or sweet, and give it to your Tarot deck. Store the deck next to this object.

So tell me:  Which one of these rituals is calling to you?  Do you have your own ritual for clearing and blessing your deck? 



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