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Stone Saturday::Tangerine Quartz

This past week I walked into my local stone shop and these babies jumped out at me.  I couldn't focus on anything else in the store -- everything in my gut was telling me that I needed to add some Tangerine Quartz into my collection.  I love the energy that they radiate.

Upon doing some research, I discovered that the orange color actually comes from Hematite being in the water when the crystal was formed -- pretty cool!

Tangerine Quartz protects from negativity -- both outward negativity and negativity that we give ourselves via our own thoughts.  They are fabulous for releasing the past and releasing what no longer serves us in our present lives.  This crystal is also very cleansing for the chakras and auras.  Of interest is that these same crystal properties also belong to Hematite!  Tangerine Quartz is a wonderful stone to use to clear past traumas.

Tangerine Quartz also increases focus, creativity, and confidence.  They are said to help us realize our life path and understand patterns that may be arising.  This stone makes clear that the choices we make affect our future.

This stone is great if you need to bring more calm into your life or settle down after moments of chaos.  It is said to be a stone of balance and invites a sense of ease and peace.

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