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Ritual::Intuitive Reiki

When I was younger, I was one of the sensitive ones.  I would sometimes do or say things that hinted at a developing intuition, starting at age 3 or 4.  When I was 12 or so I started having dreams that came true, and in college I noticed that I was highly sensitive to people's energies.  I started playing with sensing energy and asking it to shift when my friend had a mysteriously injured shoulder.  I didn't really think too much about it, I didn't tell myself it was crazy or that I wasn't trained to do it -- I just tried it.  She could feel the heat of my hands even though I wasn't touching her.  A couple of years later, I started working on developing my intuition.  This was a conscious thing.  I wanted to do it.  I started to meditate, work with mantras, commit to my yoga practice, and play with Tarot cards.  This work gave me such joy and felt like home.  It was comforting to go within, to help others, to be connected to my inner self.

About two years into this time of study, a Reiki Master approached me.  He had no way of knowing about my spiritual pursuits.  We got to talking and he asked if I'd be interested in learning Reiki.  I had heard of Reiki but had never met anyone who actually taught it.  I signed up, and made my way over the course of a few years to become a certified Reiki Master myself with the ability to teach others. 

Something felt off about things, though.  I felt spread thin.  I was almost doing too many things -- teaching meditation and yoga, working with Tarot cards, helping others with Reiki, nurturing my interest in crystals, finding a sense of sacredness with was a bit all over the place.  I also felt a bit confined by the way Reiki was taught.  I knew I could connect to the source of energy in my own way.  Then something shifted.

One day I stopped compartmentalizing my skills.

Listening to my intuition, I changed the way I do distance healings for others.  I was offering Reiki to a group of women, and something different started happening:

I couldn't stick to just doing Reiki with them.

I was getting spot-on messages for them, phrases and whole sentences.  I was sensing stones that would help them along their journey.  Meditations to help them feel the way they wanted to feel.  A tarot card reading to help answer some questions.  A drawing that meant something to them.

All of that, ALONG with the distance Reiki.

& it just felt so...RIGHT.

So now, that's how I do things.  When I connect to a client's energy, I never know what I'll be guided to do.  Sometimes crystals want to come into the session to work with the client's energy.  Sometimes the Tarot cards have something to say.  Sometimes I dance with the client's chakras or listen to the messages that their soul wants the client to remember.  There is a sense of clarity that comes through.  A sense of healing, a sense of knowing.  I think a client said it perfectly when she said, "My healing session with Elle was akin to the feeling you get when you arrive home after a long trip. Warm, comforting and yet decidedly refreshing. All of Elle's suggestions were incredibly relevant to my current life situation and I felt that she connected with my energy in an authentic and meaningful way. Elle was called to draw some tarot cards for me too, and these resonated with me very deeply. I was happily surprised by Elle's intuition and would eagerly recommend her to my friends and family." - Cassandra Lane

The feeling of home.  Feeling refreshed.  Relevant suggestions.  Authentic connection.  Intuition.  That is what I am for when I work with someone in an Intuitive Reiki Session.  A deep resonance.

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