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Stone Saturday::Kyanite

For the past couple of days, I've felt a tightness in my neck.  I have plenty of physical reasons why this might be happening -- I've been doing lots of headstands, running, sitting at a computer desk that is not ergonomically proper for my body.  But -- whenever physical issues come up, I always take some time to examine the spiritual implications of the issue. 

So, the neck and throat work with speaking the truth with integrity and confidence.  The throat chakra is all about expression, of communication.  Whenever I feel anything going on in my neck or throat, I stop and examine my words, thoughts, and actions.  Am I being true to myself?  Am I being loyal and loving to myself with what I say, do, and think?  Is there kindness there?

Kyanite is a sweet blue stone that resonates with the throat chakra.  This is the stone you want in your pocket when you are about to go to an awkward family reunion or make a speech.  If you need help expressing your needs and desires, this Kyanite will gently help you.  Sometimes I meditate with this stone before writing to help me find a bit of clarity in my words.  This stone is also said to help with easing anxiety and stress.

I find Kyanite's energy to be soft and gentle, yet it is a bit stronger than Blue Lace Agate, a stone that works with similar throat & truth energies. 

Do you have some Kyanite in your collection?  How do you use your stone?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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