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Tarot Thursday::6 of Cups


This card has been by my side all week.  It feels rooted, grounded in while also reaching upwards towards the infinite skies.  It is balanced.  The Cups work with emotion and intuition.  When I work with Intuitive Reiki Readings and Tarot Readings, I am always working on grounding myself while reaching upward and accessing my intuition.  If I don't ground, sometimes I can feel drained or tired.  I've reached too high, then. 

This card also works with the sweet ecosystem that is a tree.  There is a give and take.  The tree roots into the soil and finds nourishment there.  The tree then in turn feeds the soil with her needle droppings and perhaps some pinecones.  The tree lives in this fertile land while also providing shelter for countless critters.  She does so happily.  She does not charge rent and she is grateful that the Earth does not charge rent either for her happy space in the forest.

This card wants you to know that you have all you need.  This card asks what you can give.  The 6 of Cups wants you to reach up and root in.  Expand how ever you need to -- the space is there, free of charge.

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